The SPCA Albrecht Center was finished in the fall of 2012 after a two-year Capital Campaign supported by more than 450 animal-loving citizens and organizations throughout the community. The shortness of the campaign and the enthusiastic support behind it, was and continues to be, a tribute to the generosity of all our citizens in the CSRA region.

It is a 22,000-square-foot facility designed by architect Steve Jensen, a noted animal shelter architect, to be animal centric in design and function. The animals have views to the outside world, while staff and administrative areas are in the center of the building.

The Veterinary Care Center was built for high-volume surgery and has a pleasant, light-filled lobby.

The Marr Education and Training Center has a large, light-filled clerestory with rubber and vinyl flooring.

Cats live in indoor/outdoor colonies of various sizes and dogs live in large rooms with windows and glass doors and walls. Calming music and aromatherapy fill the halls of the Dog Adoption Center. Cats spend time in screened porches adjacent to trees and shrubs for watching birds and butterflies. A large fish and turtle tank is centered between the colonies.

Rabbits, birds, ferrets, guinea pigs and various other creatures have large glass rooms with appropriate enrichment and feeding apparatus.

All animal rooms have their own ventilation system, fire sprinkler, and drainage system. The facility was built to be energy efficient with solar hot water and 42 geo-thermal wells to aid the HVAC system.It was built to be easily maintained and hygienic and has construction materials that are highly durable and attractive.

The SPCAAlbrecht Center is indeed a new approach to sheltering animals and encouraging the public to enjoy a visit to an animal shelter. Our training and enrichment programs for dogs are cutting edge and are saving many from being surrendered to shelters or euthanized due to behavioral issues that owners have not previously understood or known how to deal with.

Our Veterinary Care Center is bringing affordable care to the animal world thereby preventing needless suffering, euthanasia and surrender.

Come visit us soon!