Happy Tails

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Our staff loves to hear how our former shelter pets are doing in their new forever homes!
Enjoy these follow-up stories from some of our awesome adopters, updating us on how their new best friends are doing post-adoption.

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Kiah (formally known as Juniper)

Adopted by: Ashleigh Gay

Our first photo session with the Pups! Moca is the most photogenic pup out there but as some of you may know, our mixed child is a rescue and a little shy to EVERYTHING. Kiah sure came out of her shell and we even got some ears up pics! (Mama will take what she can get!) 🐾💕🐾”

Bandit (formerly Gomez)

Adopted by Patti Conroy

“We adopted Gomez in February. We tried to adopt two at once, but it did not work out. Gomez is now Bandit again. He is a good boy who purrs all the time! We were told he was 8, but we doubt it. We think he is younger since he is full of energy in the morning and late at night. He was a little wound up when he first came here, but has calmed down and fallen into a routine. He eats like crazy. We have Play Time, and a sun room with a perch where he watches all the bird and squirrel activity. He is, and will always remain, a very spoiled cat. We love him. Thank you for all you do.”



Adopted by Katherine

“We adopted Selah about a week ago and she has been the perfect addition to our family. She lounges around in her new bed or on the couch most of the day and at night she gets to go wild and play. We love her so much.”


Feodor (formerly Mishca)

Adopted by Jacob

“I’m really happy with my little dude and he’s definitely enjoying a house all to his own to play in. The second I walk in from work he’s in my business all day and never leaves my side. He’s calmed down a lot but he still likes to act crazy sometimes. I have tactical waterguns placed strategically around the house in case I have to fight for my life 🤣🤣. He’s settling really well though and I’ll keep you guys updated. I freakin love this dude and I’m glad I got a cat for sure!”



Adopted by Crystal

“This is Trixie (aka Scrumptious). We adopted her a few weeks ago. She is loving her new home! She gets lots of love and attention everyday! She has plenty of space to run around in. She has adjusted to her new family, including a 10 year old German Shepherd, extremely well. We all adore our Trix!!!”


Adopted by Mary Holton. Vega, formerly Miss Honey, is fitting in here perfectly! She’s the missing piece we didn’t realize we were looking for! She loves our other dogs and my 6 year old so much! She’s also loving sleeping in the bed and couch!


Adopted by Bonnie Usher. “Guppy, now Kua. We took her on her first beach trip this past weekend and she loved it!! An adventure dog for sure, that keeps us on our toes 24/7 who we love with both of our hearts more than anything! She is very well behaved besides breaking out of her crate, now reinforced though. She loves and tries to befriend every dog she sees. Loves every person she meets and has shattered our expectations on how good she is with children of all ages. She behaves extremely well off the leash when the opportunity is given, she is our perfect crazy baby!”


Adopted by Michelle Rumsey – Mom loves her Lucky (formerly known as Cane) and he gets along superbly with my 3 mutts when she brings him over. Thank you for what you do.


Adopted by Tiea Golden Thomas – This will be Frog’s 2nd Christmas with us! We love him so much! We are thankful we went to SPCA that day!


Adopted by Taylor Newman – This is bishop! His name was Roger when we adopted him in June 2013; he is now almost as big as my Great Dane and a very loving boy!


Adopted by Christian Mathis – It’s been a month since we took this sweet boy home and we couldn’t be happier with Moose aka Uber! He has a buddy, Reyna, who is showing him the ropes around the house and he is loving the room to run!


Adopted by Crystal McGuire – Here is Mason that we adopted on Friday. I think it’s safe to say he has made himself quite at home.


Adopted by Jeb Bush – Mack is happy in his new home. These are from yesterday when he met his new brother. The look like they are already BFF’s. Thanks for bringing Mack into our life.

Shumin Dogs

Adopted by Brenda Shumin and family – Adopted these 3 sweet babies 2 years ago…actually I am a failed foster turned adopter and couldn’t be happier about it! They make me smile everyday!


Adopted by Beth Gerst – Update from Shelby in CT! Just wanted you guys to know Shelby graduated from puppy pre k and even won the puppy pushup challenge 25 sit/downs in one minute! Thanks so much for letting Shelby adopt us!


Adopted by Samantha Hamrick – Rudy (formerly Scanner) being “Happy Dog After School Pickup Service” Every day he jumps in the truck both morning and afternoon to see his kid to and from school. While she’s gone, his favorite pastime while he waits is grasshopper hunting! Thank you SPCA for giving us a chance to be his family!

Mary & Binx

Adopted by Terri Rolands – Binx is a happy playful kitten. Loves to cuddle. Mary is still coming around. She doesn’t like the dogs, Binx or the kids. She runs and hides. She’s a little nervous still with my husband. But will let him pet her. And she follows me around like a puppy. Lol When my husband leaves for work in the morning she runs in the bedroom and lays down with me. If I go to the bathroom she is at my feet or sitting on the counter.


Adopted by Aly Salas – Renegade, now known as ‘Wren’, is loving his new home. Thank you for the awesome pup!


Adopted by Siobhan Kitchen – I adopted June almost 6 years ago from you all! She has definitely been living life to the fullest!


Adopted by Clare & David Hooks – What an absolutely wonderful week we have had with Scout (formerly Zena). She has passed every test with flying colors from demonstrating her house training & walking skills to making fast friends with our nieces & our neighbors’ dogs. She has already brought so much JOY into our home. We are so thankful to have found each other. You have such an amazing facility and caring staff. We look forward to making the trek to Aiken this weekend to finalize her adoption.


Adopted by the McGlothin family – Just wanted to share that Sasha is doing well. It took her a little over a month, but she finally found her voice (bark). She is spoiled rotten already, and spends most of her time playing inside with the kids and enjoying her frozen bones from Downtown Dog. She loves to go on car rides, so she goes “shopping” (at a dog store), runs errands with the family, or to eat lunch at work with her Daddy at least once or twice a week. She is a perfect fit in the family!


Adopted by Margaret, Faith & John Potorski – Thanks so much for helping us meet Linc. On our way back home to MA via VA from Aiken he was a fabulous traveling companion. Linc is settling in nicely at our home. He enjoys walking with me, running with my husband, following us every where we go and snuggling too!


Adopted by Deidre Cain – I have had trace since July 2014 when I adopted him from the shelter and he is absolutely Amazing. He has been the best dog with my two toddlers. Thank yall for letting me adopt this sweet guy. He’s such a happy and spoiled dog!


Adopted by an Instagram follower – Daisy’s one year adoption anniversary is this Tuesday!! 🐱🐾🎉 She was originally named Fritz, but we renamed her Daisy after Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby. She’s brought me so much joy this past year!

Little Ann – Annie

Adopted by the Rogers family – the Rogers family is taking good care of me. It has been two weeks and I think I am going to be staying here for the rest of my life. I get lots of attention and they take me out to run almost every day. Thank you for keeping me safe at the SPCA while I found my forever home. I love you and all of the staff and I will miss you. Maybe I can come visit sometime. – Annie


Adopted by Stephanie Ann – Just want to let you know Mongo (formerly Bingo) we adopted in December is doing well! He’s such a sweet dog. Thank you for all you do!


Adopted by Kerrie & Sam Lovejoy – When we saw Gizmo through the glass in the SPCA it was love at first sight. Gizmo displayed her larger than life personality from the moment that we met her; she continues to make us laugh daily. A few of her favorite things have come to include: sleeping in the big bed, snuggling, the dog park, chasing/pestering her cat siblings, running around my back yard, stuffed toys, Downtown Dog treats, traveling & learning tricks! We cannot imagine our life without her.


Adopted by Ashleigh Yaun – I met Izzie, originally “Twixy” at an off-site volunteer event, and I knew I wasn’t going to leave without her. She is a wonderful addition to my family, and is spoiled rotten! She loves everyone, and wants to be everyone’s friend. She’s growing into such a beautiful dog and I’m so thankful I was able to adopt her.

Cliff & Sprocket

Adopted by the Riley family – They love my toddler, Ember. She gives them rides on her toys as she pushes them around the house. Sprocket loves to snuggle with Ember only. Cliff loves to snuggle with anyone. They are vocal, loving, and playful. They’re spoiled little kitties. When I check on Ember when napping, they’ve both crawled into the bed and are sleeping beside her or with her arm over one of them.


Adopted by Joe & Lynn Ulreich. Velcro got her name because if someone tried to pick her up, the claws came out and she tried to stay put, just like velcro. Over 48 years of marriage and living all over the U.S., Lynne and I have always had pets around the house, but none of them matched up to Velcro. Velcro proved to be the best house trained and the most happy, loving and precious pet we had ever had.

Frodo & Samwise

(Formerly Ace & Domino) Adopted by Stephanie Rhodes Kissiah. They are natural brothers and have brought great joy and fun to our entire family. After the loss of our 17 year old kitty Sky we were heartbroken. Frodo and Sam helped us through our grief – we have had them a little over a year now and are so grateful to have them.


Adopted by Christine Abbott – Stormy is doing great since her adoption a year ago. I buy her cat nip toys and she ignores them to play with things she steals off the counter like twist ties, rubber bands and pieces of plastic. She pounces on that stuff constantly and ignores the toys. Funny cat. She’s very cuddly and enjoys her organic food that we offer because of her sensitive stomach. I think we are a very successful adoption story. She is queen kitty and very happy.


Adopted by Donna Brandt. Copper is my social butterfly and loves swimming, bones, and his Labrador sister SO much. They are inseparable! He has changed our lives with his endless love, energy and quirky ways. I wasn’t looking for a second dog when he found us and I just wanted to give you guys an update and say thank you for giving him a chance and putting him in my path. He is my love bug, CopperTop and more times then not, CopperSTOP and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.


Adopted by Shannon Holley. “Basil was this pit bull’s name but we named him T-BONE! I we have had him about a week and could not be happier. He loves everyone and his new home. Gets a lot of affection and loves to play ball. We just can’t wait each day to get home to see him.”

Bouncer & Maggie

Adopted by Emily Landers and Jonathon Anderson. Bouncer and Maggie were two of our longest resident felines and are now living the happy cat life as resident “mousers” at the Broad Street Barkery in downtown Augusta!


Adopted by the Gilbert family. “Cheese loves being the center of attention in our house. He hasn’t changed since we adopted him a year ago, and he is the perfect addition to our family. He loves to sleep, play, and beg for treats, and he still sticks his paws underneath doors to let us know he’s there and wants to play. Thank you for all you do for the animals!”


Adopted by Lonna & Russell Coufal. “Our sweet Felicia is doing great! Thank you for letting us have such a happy and crazy girl! She has sure livened up our household!”


Adopted by the O’Neil family. “Just wanted to send a winter greeting from MA. Abby’s doing wonderful and is having a great time playing in the snow. Hard to believe she’s been with us for almost 4 months already. She’s such a love and is doing fantastic. She has gained 12 lbs in the months we’ve had her. Happy winter, Abby and the O’Neil family.”


Adopted by Chrissy Baskins. “Faith, formerly “Big Bertha” is settling in at our home. We all adore her. She is smart, sweet, and a ton of fun. She has not had one accident in our home, is very well behaved, and is catching on quickly to simple commands. I absolutely love her piggy snorts. She is a gem, and we are thankful for all you do for these fur babies!”


Adopted by Jean Iasbarrone Anzalone. “We adopted Flanagan (now Raz) 3 weeks ago. He is doing great and is the sweetest kitty!”


Adopted by Heather Toole Hawkins. “Well, Mason has very quickly made himself very much at home in the middle of my bed. He and his Great Dane sister Rooby Doo are getting along well and he most definitely loves to chat… constantly. He’s fitting right in here with us at the Hawkins house.”


Adopted by Drekwon Carr. “Breanna (former name Karishma) loves to play fetch and adjusted pretty quick to new home, and loves to sleep in my bed. When out loves interaction with people (“people always call me the cutest puppy”) ~ is loving her forever home.


Adopted by Meagan Combs. “Thor (we kept his name) is doing great! He’s super spoiled already, and such a good dog. He adjusted in little to no time! I’ve never known a dog to love car rides and walks so much. He’s a great addition to our home and brings lots of smiles.” ❤️

Rusty Memphis

Adopted by Prue and Kelsey Escalante. “Previously named Rusty in one family and Memphis in his next house, we as his third and final home decided to combine his old names. Meet Rusty Memphis! He enjoys dungeons, dragons, and being the center of attention.”


Adopted by Meagan & Michael Kiser. “Tatum is doing great, he has opened up and showed us his spunky and wonderful personality”


Last year we adopted a quiet, sweet little pup named Lydia (now Octavia) who bonded with me very closely. We had to work through some fear issues- but she came around! Now, Octavia is a fully trained, multi-purpose Service Dog. She accompanies me everywhere, helping with my Anxiety, Chronic Pain, and other issues. Octavia is my partner and my lifeline- we are both fortunate to have found each other. On her “off” time, she plays with her fur siblings, or watches TV with us on the couch! – Emily B


Adopted by Jenni Giles. “Love our Matilda. When we got her they were calling her Giana, but she is definitely a Matilda. We could not imagine life without her. Thank you for my fur baby. We love her so much.”


Adopted by the Rowland Family. “Pictured is Truffles (on left) with her rescue brother, Beau (adopted in Feb 2017 from the county shelter). We fostered Truffles in June of 2015 and knew almost immediately that we were going to be a foster failure. This girl had a rough life before being rescued, but she sure lives like a princess now. She is smart, loving and very funny. We adore her! We support both shelters and wish we had room in our home for more dogs!”


Adopted by Johnny Hughes. “No cat or dog you have is as cool as Remco the One-Eyed Christmas Cat. Thank you for letting me adopt him. He is awesome and is my heart.”


Adopted by Alexis Schonberger. “As I signed his adoption papers, I almost felt like crying. He stole my heart from the first time he licked my face. Not only did I rescue him, he really rescued me. I honestly believe animals change our lives for the better. They bring us so much joy and laughter. I hope Pogo will be with me for many years to come, but if something were to happen next year, I would still be happy that I gave him a second chance at life and provided him with a wonderful home.”


Adopted by Stephanie Turner. “Anyone who hates black cats has clearly never owned one. Thank you, SPCA Albrecht Center, for letting me adopt this sweet girl 3 years ago. She’s such a beloved part of my family, and I’m so grateful to have her.”


Adopted by Allyson Rikard​. “After crying on the couch for 15 mins thinking about Dante’s life before, I decided to post some pics from the last few weeks that we’ve had him and encourage everyone to make an end of the year donation to an animal shelter of your choosing. We both love our rescue pups and couldn’t imagine our lives without them.”


Adopted by Denise Hicks. We have only had this baby a few days, but he is already fitting in so well. He is such a sweet boy and he loves to cuddle and always be near one of his people. He is also a stylish little fella and likes to always be wearing his sweater or hoodie. We have discovered that he is definitely a morning person who becomes very hyper and playful around 6:30 every morning. We are looking forward to many more happy years with our new family member, Murfee (Aries).


Adopted by Tammy Hanson. We adopted “Rags” as we call him, (his shelter name was Virgil) on December 2. He and his six siblings were left to die in a dumpster. Luckily he and three others survived. Rags is a wonderful puppy who is 15 weeks and now weighs thirty lbs!!!! I would love to hear from any other owners of his siblings and see if they are also as ginormous as him!!!! Rags has a lab sister, five baby goats and ponies to play with. He’s one happy, tired puppy!!!!


Adopted by Faye Whitt. “Cookie’s a sweet, funny, and active girl, and we’re working on keeping her happy, active, well fed, satisfied with safe chews and toys, and well loved. We’re also working on any behavioral issues she has (jumping, mouthing, pottying, etc). Thank you for saving her and for adopting her to me. I’m attaching a photo of her with one of her favorite outside toys – a tie with the Jolly Ball.”


Adopted by Jennifer Baughman. “We adopted Maximus (formally Midas) a little over a month ago. He is the star of the show at our house, and a perfect fit with our golden. He’s perfect <3”


Adopted by Amy Moore. “So my husband and I adopted this precious baby girl in August of 2016. She has been such a great addition to our fur family! ❤️ she loves cuddles and love to play fetch! 😍 our beautiful Cindy!”


Adopted by Meagan Combs. “We adopted Clarence (now Ghost) just last week, and he’s doing great! He insists on sleeping with us every night and always wakes us up ready to play. He’s such a cheerful boy and full of love to give (and receive)! Thank you all for rescuing him. 💓”


Adopted by Elizabeth Marks. “Last July I saw Sebastian’s photo on a pet-finder website and immediately wanted to meet him. I changed his name to “Otis”, which is shorter and kind of matches his goofy personality. He is an incredibly kind, confident dog, always wants to be with kids and babies, is very gentle with the elderly, and insists on socializing with strangers everywhere we go. Once or twice a week we go for a long ride with the horses and with his best friend, Bolo, a German Shepherd.”

Elroy and Tuesday

“Elroy (formerly Elijah, adopted in 2015) and Tuesday (formerly Ziva, adopted in 2017) are the best of friends! Elroy is a Bassett Hound/Pit Bull mix and Tuesday is a Lab/Dachshund mix, but they look and act like siblings. Both dogs were very nervous when they were adopted – Tuesday couldn’t be put on the adoption floor because she was so scared, but they both love their lives now! They spend their days barking at deer, cars, and squirrels, and their evenings howling at the moon.”


Adopted by Adrienne Knowles. “This is Copper and I am his mom. He is doing FABULOUSLY at home. We are just in love. Here are a few pics of his last week with his new fam.”


Adopted by Kaleigh Ann Thomas. “Thank you for letting me find my sweet angel kitty! She has been the greatest blessing to me and the best friend to my other kitty! I adopted Rain (she was Angelica) on September 11, 2017! Rain is the calico, Grayson is grey kitty! They never leave each other’s side!”


Adopted by Krista Faloney. “Maggie (formerly known as Elsa) is growing up so fast! She loves all of her new toys. She is very spoiled & happy💕”


Adopted by Susan Walker. She has been formally named: Eleanor Fireball Roosevelt 😊 She’s still ferocious but loving. Our golden retriever, Truman, is quite taken with her and they rip around the house like children. I couldn’t love her more.


Adopted by Heather Danielle Clark. “Marley (Lee) is living his best life. Just got a new bed and Halloween blanket for fall. He’s such a great dog🧡”


We adopted Timone from you all in February. He is loving his new furever home and he goes by Tuna now! He says hello to all at the SPCA ❤️😄


Adopted by Reyshelle Addessi. “Just wanted to give an update on your January cat of the month, Melrose! She is seriously such a highlight of my daily life. She waits for us everytime we shower, sometimes comes in the shower and gets soaking wet, tips over water bowls multiple times a day, sleeps next to me every single night, and just has a hysterical personality that makes us laugh. She has been the perfect addition to my other 2 cats and I can’t thank you enough for helping me adopt her.”


Adopted by Erin Bair. “She is doing fantastic! Loves going on vacations, long walks, getting belly rubs, playing fetch and playing with all her toys. Also has to say hello and give some love to every dog and human she passes. She’s the sweetest girl ever.”


Adopted by Ryan and Colby Kukelski. “Hello from Jensen! (previously known as Leonardo Dicaprio). We adopted Jensen this past summer and it has been an adventure ever since! He loves belly rubs, toys and TREATS. We are so happy this cute boy found us!”


Adopted by Sydney Brooks. We ended up at the SPCA late one afternoon “just to look”. Kennedy jumped out the cage and ran right up to us and that was it. Amazing how animals tend to find those that need them most. We adopted Kennedy (we also kept his name that he’d already had) from y’all in January and he is such a lovable, outgoing kitty. We adore him! The staff there was great and very accommodating for our needs and we’ll be back when it’s time for Kennedy a new friend.


Adopted by Sara Ellen Jennings. “Just wanted to give you all an update on my dog I adopted from yall in 2015. His name was Sig now known as Chance. My husband and I can’t begin to thank yall enough for this sweet boy. He has brought so much joy to us. He loves cuddling, sleepy, and his favorite thing is so go on a ride with his sister. His sisters name is Bailey and they are inseparable. Again I just wanted to thank you all. ❤️”


Adopted by Sheri and Mike Folbigg. “We adopted Missy in February of 2018 and I’m very pleased to let you know she is a very happy dog, spoiled rotten, she makes everyday an adventure for us. Life would not be the same without her.”


Adopted by Kaiden James Kiin. “Little update!! We changed his name to Remington and he is just a sweetheart he never leaves my side he is laying on me right now lol. He and my other animals play and play. I love him to death.”


Adopted by Karli Kolsut. “I adopted Domino (now “Bentley”) back in August from your shelter when I first moved to Aiken from Portland, OR. Although he was pacin’ all over the room and avoided eye contact with me when I first met him, something told me he was the one. I am so blessed to have him and he has brought me so much happiness and joy. He now has a little kitten that he treats as his own baby. He is the sweetest baby and God blessed me by giving him to me. ❤️ “


Adopted by Mia Ramos. “The first picture is the day we adopted Captain he was so little and the other pictures are of him today I wanted you to see how big he has gotten and how much he is loved & oh so spoiled!! Thank you for letting our family make Captain a part of it.”


Adopted by Ida Baisch. “Just wanted to share an update on “Dan” he’s the best! My daughter is so happy he seems pretty happy too.”

Cookie Monster

Adopted by Emily Dunaway. “We sure do love our Cookie Monster. She has been adapting very well in her new furever home. She sleeps all night in a big comfy bed next to her mama and daddy, brother and sister, she is the best cuddler and loves to snuggle super close. We will come for a visit soon!!!”


Adopted by Traci Boatright. “You guys called him bugles, we call him Ozzy this was our family vacation in OBX N.C. first week of April. He’s doing great.”


Adopted by Christopher McLane. “Mingo came home on 4/8/19 & it seems like he has been part of the family forever. He loves to fetch ball more than anything else. He enjoys tug of war & “helping” in the garden. We wrestle in the grass & sometime on the bed. He is the perfect dog for our pack!”


Adopted by Destinee Mulhorn. “Thanks so much for the help with Sloane. One of my collars I made 2 weeks ago fits her perfect. She already played in the pond before I could stop her. Also she loves the water! So it’s great that we have the pond and creek. Shes been really opening up. Playing and after the chest deep creek mud spot she had to find a nice bath!”


We have been volunteering at the SPCA since December and have seen many dogs come and go. When we saw her looking at us while she was in her room, we knew there was something special about this dog, and we were not wrong! It was love at first sight! Stella is a great addition to our family! When our dog first met her at the meet and greet, a long and true friendship emerged. They play and run around together and when they get tired, they relax with us. We could not ask for a more amazing dog!


Adopted by Sera Druelle. “It was an instant yes from me. I’ve been so “we are not getting a dog right now”, that I couldn’t believe I was about to adopt one. But she was a stray, without a family when she was found. Our family is a little broken, so adding another member who needs us just as much seems very right. I have always heard about these emotional connections while adopting an animal in need, and I am so glad I experienced it today. Welcome home, Maggie!”


Adopted by Jessica R. Sutton. “I adopted Remy (shelter name Michonne) in December last year. She was to be my ESA and she has more than filled that role. She is the sweetest and most lovable cat I have ever known! She has the absolute best personality and disposition. Thanks, so much!”


Adopted by Jillian Cary.
“Back in December I adopted Ginger (Nola) from you. At the time she had just been returned from a different family after a year and a half because they had to many animals. Why anyone would return her I have no idea. She is the most cuddly and loving dog. All she wants to do is be next to us or play. Any family attention she can get she loves. She’s such a good girl.”


Adopted by April Tiller. “I wanted to thank you for “Sun” now Marley which he responds to well. He came home yesterday and found his boy and our boy found his dog. They now share a bed and long morning walks!
Marley’s first day he spent getting pampered at Scissors and Suds getting all the normal dog grooming needs and met some new friends while there! He met the work family and all 45 children at the boys and girls club!”


Adopted by Brenda Fleetwood. “Hey family do you remember me, “NIGHT?” Well now my name is Felix Night Smith. I am really getting use to my new home and is getting lots of hugs, kisses, and naps lol… I love the rubs and kisses my mommy gives me and she lets me sleep on her lap and chest sometimes. I am so happy here. Here some pics of me that I allowed my parents to take of me. 😺 meow!”


Adopted by Hannah Byrum. “A few days ago my husband and I celebrated our first “gotcha day” anniversary with our sweet pup! After we got married last May, we knew we wanted a dog and as soon as we stepped into the room with Molly (formally Suzie Q), we knew she was the one! We were instantly in love with her! She was only 6 months old when we adopted her last July and has grown into the sweetest, most well behaved dog I’ve ever seen.”


Adopted by Carol Elliott Maia. “Nine years ago today, we adopted our jasmine from here. She’s a little older, hair is whiter, deaf, going blind but she’s still as awesome!”


Adopted by Madison Volk. “I’ve never had a pet cat before but they’re so cute and I just wanted one. I INSTANTLY fell in love with him in the shelter. He was purring in my arms and he was so cuddly. He’s still a little cuddle bug. We watch TV together before I go to work and him and my dog get along so well. Every night he sleeps on my chest. He’s perfect, and my boyfriend and I are in love with him. So thank you, SPCA for my wonderful handsome little boy.”


Adopted by Mark Betz. “We just adopted him today but Peanut adjusted so well with our furgirls! He loves being outside. Glad we were able to give this handsome baby a new home!! If we could have adopted all the babies today we would have! We only have rescue babies at our home and it will always be that way!! We love him just as much as our kids and other furbabies.”


Adopted by Sarah Sanders Reese. “I think it’s safe to say that Luke is getting spoiled at our house 🐶 we love you so much sweet Lukey 🤗 welcome to your forever home!!!!”


Adopted by Hannah Rose Coppi. “It’s Buddy’s birthday today [August 10th] and he wanted to say hi to his friends at the SPCA!”

Yoga (Now Roxy)

Adopted by Erica Goodwin. Her name is Roxy now and she loves cuddling with us and chasing after my girls in the front yard. Her temperament is so amazing and she is so smart! She knows how to sit, lay down and shake already. Thank you so much for our wonderful baby!


Adopted by Danielle Fantauzzi Dickenson. “Just wanted to share a happy tails pupdate with you. This is Luna, you called her Cruella, we have only had her a few months now but she is literally the most loving, sweet, gentle dog I’ve ever known. I cannot imagine our lives without her! She loves her brother Colin who we also adopted from you guys 6 years ago as a puppy. She’s been to our favorite vacation spot in Blue Ridge with us and we are about to take them again in a couple weeks.”


Adopted by Destiny.
“Just an update on my boy. His name is now Olaf and he and our girls (cats) Jazmine and Honey are finally getting along. They aren’t scared of him anymore.”


Adopted by Patricia.
“Bart has settled in very quickly. He and my youngest daughter just love each other. He also has a new name. It was a toss up between two names so he got both. Our new baby Crookshanks Lestat Davis.”


“At first we adopted him for my daughter so she could more easily get over the loss of Tidus, which worked like a charm. I wasn’t sold-I’m a pitbull girl after all. Day by day he inches his way into my heart. At first he was shy & reserved. After a month, he was playing with toys and my kids and never leaves the kids’ side. He loves them so much. The point of the story is never count older dogs out. They are filled with love, acceptance & loyalty! And ALWAYS ADOPTED especially from the SPCA…”

Gracie Girl

Adopted by Nick.
From the SPCA – “Sweet Gracie Girl hit the jackpot with her new family! From hiking, kayaking, going to the store and cuddle time, Gracie is living the life every shelter dog dreams of. Thank you to her adopters for giving this pup an amazing home!”


Adopted by The Goodwins.
“Thank you for letting us have this sweet girl right here! We love her so much! She LOVES the water and loves to go camping! Here are some updated pictures of roxy. She was Yoga when we adopted her.”

Chi Chi

Adopted by The Thompsons.
“Just wanted to provide an update on Chi-Chi. We made it to California in December and just moved off base into our new home in Santa Paula. She’s still the most lovable cat I’ve ever known and still gives the best hugs. We just bought this Love Sac and she quickly made it her bed. I almost never walk by without seeing her in it. Thank you again for letting us bring her into our family. She’s doing great!”

Scout & Boo

Adopted by Deborah.
“Last year we adopted Scout and Boo (renamed from Pumba and Timon) and our family became complete. We already had a couple older cats but our hearts melted when we saw the pictures and the story of the two bonded baby brothers hoping to find a home together. We decided we would be that home. At a year old they still sleep together and groom one another, but also have developed their own distinct personalities. They breathed new life into our older cats and to us.”


Adopted by Jordan.
“Rey, goes by his initial name King now! Here’s him loving his new palace. He’s so energetic and a sweetheart!”


Adopted by Karily.
“[It’s been] 6 years since we adopted her and she has been spoiled ever since. She lived at the shelter for almost 5 months probably because there were so many kittens! She goes everywhere we go. In 6 years she has lived in GA, VA, and she’s currently living the royal life in England. I’ve never seen a cat so in tune with one’s emotions like her. She’s so easy to love! Many times I’ve wondered if she has a human soul. She’s not quite like other cats.”


Adopted by Greg & Sarah.
“Rona (white, formerly Thestral) pictured with her new Brother, Max. They’re the best of friends and enjoy destroying the house but she has completed our little family. We couldn’t imagine life without her now! She gives the best cuddles and kisses!”


“Bella (formerly Biskit) is growing up nicely! She is such a sweet girl and a great companion to our Dobby dog whose friend Ares, our Boston Terrier of 9 years passed away in 2019.

Bella loves people and her and Dobby have a .5 acre yard to play in all day. She has become a welcome addition to the family.”

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