Happy Returns

Christmas is over and so begins the season of returns. Gift returns, mostly. If you venture into any popular departments stores this week, you'll see the long and winding line of giftees waiting to exchange or return items so they can purchase the gift they would rather have. Also though, it's a time of returning home. Many people left town for the holiday, to visit family in other parts of the country or the world. They'll make their way back this week, to their homes, their jobs, their routines, and if they're lucky, to anxiously awaiting and welcoming pets. Imagine though, returning home after a trip or even after a typical day's work, to find that your pet had gone missing. Perhaps a ga

Pets Make Christmas Perfect

Christmas is just five days away! I'm excited, and so are my cats. At least I like to think they're excited. They nap under the tree (now that they're thankfully done climbing it), bat at the less fragile, strategically placed low-hanging ornaments, and paw at the shiny, wrapped presents, removing bows in the process that I'm sure I'll find under furniture sometime next month. We have always involved our pets in holiday traditions in my family. No, they don't know exactly what Christmas is or why there's now a tree in the house and boxes wrapped in shiny paper with enticing, ribbons attached to the top. But, with all of the preparations and festivities, they do get excited and frisky and add

Homeless Pets Deserve a Better Future

I have been fortunate to share my life with several amazing pets. Two wonderful dogs, Bailey and Chloe, gave 15 years of unconditional love, and several fantastic felines have graced my life, including Bastian, Luna and Grady who are the current rulers of our household. Thinking back, I can hardly remember a time in my life when pets were not a part of my home. Ever since Rocky, a cuddly, grey cat who was my first pet, triggered my love for animals and my desire to protect them, there has been at least one resident pet or neighborhood stray commanding my attention and providing me with a purpose. Life without a pet is just not complete. Most of the people I know, especially my animal welfare


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