Why We Walk - Superman & Sprout

Two and a half years ago, an emaciated pit bull was found by the Saluda County Sheriff’s Department, chained to a stake, starving, barely able to walk, and not far from his two deceased friends who had starved to death on their chains. At the Sheriff’s Department's request, the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare sent two Veterinary Technicians to free the dog from his chain and bring him to their Veterinary Care Center. His prognosis was dim. Not only was he starved to the point of being a bag of bones, but he had an advanced case of heartworm disease. The SPCA's veterinary team went to work and miraculously, he lived. In tribute to his courageous spirit, he was named Superman. Due to h

Things Spring Brings

Ah, Spring. Warmer weather, flowers, buzzing bees, singing birds, fresh fruits and vegetables, and pollen. Lots and lots of pollen. Even after the yellow powdery stuff is gone, microscopic pollen is still in the air, drifting into your home, requiring a good spring cleaning to stifle your sneezes and help you breathe easier. While you're busy dusting, scrubbing and decluttering, keep the SPCA Albrecht Center in mind if you come across any household items you no longer want or need. Their two Thrift Shops accept all kinds of donations and can resell your items to help fund their efforts to find homes for homeless pets and offer affordable veterinary services. Thinking of having a yard sale to

Senior Pets Have Lots of Love to Give

My job keeps me tied to a computer most days, which means there are several cats and dogs who come into the SPCA Albrecht Center and are adopted before I ever know they're here, which is exactly what we want for them - loving homes as soon as possible. There are others though, who are here long enough that their names and faces become familiar, and many of those faces show graying muzzles and white whiskers. According to PetFinder.com, senior pets spend about four times as long on their website, which means four times the wait for a new home. Along with solid black dogs and FIV+ cats, senior pets are among the hard-to-place and less-adoptable of the shelter pet population. Adopters visiting

Walking the Walk

Old man Winter finally decided to make an appearance in the south, one week before the first day of spring. Well, since we did just "spring forward" and temperatures will surely climb back into the 70s and above next week, let's go ahead and talk about spring. It'll be summer before we know it anyway, so we may as well enjoy the milder temperatures while we can. What better way to enjoy spring than a walk with your dog? How about a walk FOR a dog? Or a cat, bird, horse, guinea pig, fish, etc. You can do just that on April 23rd at the SPCA Albrecht Center's second annual Walk for Animals. People and their pets from all over our community will be walking for the animals they love, have loved,

Adopt and shop to help pets!

"Don't Shop, Adopt" is a popular motto in animal shelters and rescues that encourages people to adopt pets from shelters rather than purchase pets from high-priced pet stores who may obtain their inventory from disreputable breeders. But when it comes to helping homeless pets in our community, I encourage you to adopt OR shop - specifically at two local places: The SPCA Thrift Shops. If you're a thrift shop enthusiast, you already know that these deeply discounted stores have everything you need or want for your home: furniture, light fixtures, china, pillows, rugs, appliances, tools, wall art, lots of decorative accessories and knick-knacks, plus clothes, shoes, jewelry, baby items and more


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