What is Lost Can Be Found

My husband, Tom and I leave our Graniteville home for work at the same time each morning. He heads to Augusta and I head to Aiken. This past Wednesday, Tom made it to the end of our street ahead of me and stopped, got out of his car and waved me down for help. Lying still in the street with his eyes wide open was a beautiful, large gray tabby cat. An apparent victim of a hit-and-run, just three houses down. His condition didn't look good, but there was a small bit of movement, so Tom gently gathered him in a sheet and laid him into the only container I could find, our laundry basket, and loaded him into my backseat. I drove as fast as I could (as fast as the law allows, of course) to the SP

All The Mews You Can Use

It's Kitten Season in Aiken, SC and the litters are just starting to arrive at the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare, on top of the 78 cats and kittens already there. Some are adult cats who were strays or surrendered by their owners, but many are kittens who were found in the City of Aiken by Animal Control officers, brought in by citizens, or born in the shelter. Litters of one, two, five or more in shades of black, brown, white, orange, grey and everything in between and almost any combination you can imagine. And the SPCA is just one shelter. The same situation exists in shelters throughout South Carolina, Georgia and all across the country. The numbers add up to approximately 3.2

No Backyard Dogs!

If I had a quarter for every time I've heard a potential adopter say "I have a big backyard so he'll be able to run!", I’d be an extremely wealthy woman. Somewhere along the line, more than a few of us have become convinced that providing our dogs with a fenced backyard was the “be all, end all” in canine enrichment. As long as the dog could “run around” in the backyard, all his doggie needs would be magically fulfilled. But I have yet to see any dog suddenly spring to his feet, look at his watch, and say to himself, “Oh boy! It’s 2:00! Better run my laps!” Simply stated, the backyard is NOT a living place for family dogs. We sometimes mistakenly believe that a dog will be “happier” with fre

Volunteer Appreciation & Serena's Star

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” — Elizabeth Andrew I am proud to say that the volunteers at the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare have plenty of heart, and happily give thousands of hours of their time. To the animals in our care and to the entire organization by helping in our Thrift Shops, at special events, with administrative duties and so much more. On Sunday, we honored our volunteers with our annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon, put together by Volunteer Coordinator, Jessica Titterton, and Community Outreach Director, Claire Roberson. Volunteers were treated to a meal of grilled burgers, hot dogs and sides, presented with gifts and raf


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