FIV Adoptable

What does the word "adoptable" mean to you? For many animal shelters, especially those who are overcrowded with a constant supply of animals waiting to get in, "adoptable" means an animal who is healthy, friendly, and likely to be quickly adopted. "Unadoptable" on the other hand, often applies to sick, injured, aggressive, withdrawn or traumatized animals who require extra time, money, and resources that many animal shelters simply do not have available. In high-intake facilities, this can mean the unfortunate reality of euthanasia for pets whose time has simply run out. Fortunately, strides are being made in the animal welfare world including spay/neuter and humane education, affordable and

Storm Phobia in Pets

Summer in the south means sweltering humidity broken only by sometimes scary and violent thunderstorms, and with those storms comes a condition that many pets and their owners dread: storm phobia. It can affect dogs, cats and other pets to varying degrees. If you have a pet with this distressing condition, you know the symptoms well: excessive panting or drooling, trembling, rapid heartbeat, shedding, pacing or even destructive behavior as a pet attempts to find a safe spot in the home. It's normal for animals to exhibit a certain amount of anxiety during extreme weather as a natural, life-preserving instinct. But pets suffering from storm phobia can sometimes elevate this response to unheal

Pet Adoption Top 5

If you've ever considered adopting a pet, you probably had plenty of questions. Staff and volunteers at the SPCA Albrecht Center answer questions every day, in person, over the phone, through emails and social media. Some of these questions are common and have come to be expected, so here are the top five in no particular order, in case you are considering opening your heart and home to a homeless pet: 1. What breed is that dog? While up to 25% of dogs entering animal shelters are purebred, and we will label them as such when and if we know for sure, most of them are what's commonly referred to as mutts. We prefer "American Shelter Dog". The truth is, no matter what a dog's physical appearan

Pet Fun in the Summertime

Though it's warming up outside considerably, and quickly, summer doesn't officially begin for another few weeks. June 21st at 12:24 a.m. to be exact. The start of the longest, hottest days of the year in the southeastern U.S. But that doesn't mean the summer fun hasn't already begun. As hot as it is here in the summertime, people still love to be outside, enjoying the sunshine with friends and sometimes with their pets, too. It helps to have a cold drink and maybe a refreshing splash of water nearby. Luckily, the SPCA Albrecht Center has all of those things! Summer at the SPCA means Yappy Hours and Dog Washes. Two super fun events and opportunities to support homeless pets. Yappy Hours this


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