Counting Cats

Do you remember The Count from Sesame Street? His official name was Count von Count, and he was a Muppet modeled after Count Dracula, who's role on the show was to teach children beginning mathematics concepts, like adding and subtracting. Mostly, he enjoyed counting, and he counted anything and everything, regardless of size or amount. I imagine The Count would be very happy if he were to drive up to the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare in his Countmobile and see how many cats we have to count. Because there are a lot - 180 to be exact. There are 85 cats and kittens available for adoption as of today, and 95 more in holding rooms, waiting to be vaccinated, spayed or neutered and pla

The Dog Nose Knows

On Friday, our Community Outreach Director, Claire Roberson, took Buckley, a handsome beagle mix to our weekly "Take Me Home" morning news segment on WRDW. Buckley wasn't camera shy at all, he was much too busy engaging his hound nose and sniffing the carpet, the chairs, news anchor & reporter Meredith Anderson's hot pink shoes and meteorologist Tim Strong's formerly fur-free pants. Having a sense of smell that is tens of thousands of times more sensitive than our own, all dogs rely on their noses to give them information about the environment and they usually use their noses much more than their other senses to lead any new interaction. Being a beagle mix, a breed not only popular with hunt

Cat Claws & Couches

My husband and I bought our first brand new set of living room furniture last year. Before then, furniture was always secondhand, so we planned to keep this new set new-looking as long as possible. Unfortunately, our three cats like the furniture as much as we do, maybe more so since it doubles as a napping spot and a scratching post all in one. Keeping their claws out of it has proved to be a losing battle. Lots of people struggle with this same problem. Furniture is expensive, and you love your cats, so what's to be done? Many people think declawing is the easy solution. No claws, no scratching, right? Well, that's true, but declawing a cat is not the simple, "quick fix" that it is widely

Baby, it's HOT Outside!

I've lived in South Carolina my entire life, and survived thirty something hot summers, but I swear it seems a whole lot hotter now than it did when I was a kid. Maybe because then, summertime meant popsicles, Slip 'N Slides and swimming pools, and now it just means climbing into a scorching car to go to work or run errands, and breaking a sweat just by walking out to check the mail. But "it's not the heat, it's the humidity", right? Call it whatever you want, it's just plain hot. Imagine how much hotter it would be if, instead of wearing clothes, you were covered in fur. And imagine how crossing a street, a parking lot, or walking down a sidewalk would feel without the protection of flip fl


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