Serta and the Starfish

Last week, a dog named Serta was adopted from the SPCA Albrecht Center. She was the last to be adopted out of nine dogs rescued in July from a horrible neglect case out of Saluda County. Serta was named so because of the filthy, decaying mattress she was found lying on during the rescue. When she was leashed and pulled up from her crumbling bed, Serta could barely stand due to the weakness in her legs. Her ribs were visible through her flea-ridden coat and there was a heartbreaking hopelessness in her eyes. Our Veterinary Care Center team estimated her age to be about five years, so who knows how long she lived in those deplorable conditions, or how long she lay on that decrepit mattress. I

A Party Like No Other

I've never really been the partying type. You won't find me enjoying myself at a loud club, or showing off any moves on a dance floor, not even a step in that direction. But when the party is for pets, how can any pet-loving person resist? This year, thanks to the amazing efforts of our Community Outreach Director, Claire Grimes, and our fantastic staff and volunteers, I got to take a big step back from the coordination of our biggest event of the year, and enjoy it as an attendee. Maybe I was too busy working past events to notice, or maybe this, our 5th Barkaritaville, was different somehow. Everywhere I looked, people were smiling, even the dogs, laughing, dancing and having a really grea

Are You Ready to Paw-ty?

There are a lot of ways you can help your local shelter. Adopting, donating and volunteering are some amazing ways to show your support. But what if I said you could help homeless and neglected pets in your community by…partying? Well, you can! On Saturday, October 21st, from 5pm – 8pm, party with the SPCA Albrecht Center at our 5th Annual Barkaritaville. Barkaritaville is a Halloween-themed block party full of delicious food, great drinks and music by DJ Jeff Edwards. The parking lot of the SPCA Albrecht Center will be filled with themed booths passing out free food and adult drink samples. Try them all, then vote for your favorite. Choose wisely, because the winner will receive a moun

Cooking for a Cause!

I don't know about you, but I can't believe it's October. Maybe because the temperatures are still well into the 80's and I have yet to see the first leaf fall. But, I know it has to be October, because at the SPCA, we're in what we call "Barkaritaville mode". "What's Barkaritaville??" you say, well I'll tell you! Barkaritaville is THE fall fundraising event for the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare. The SPCA's large parking lot will be transformed into a block party featuring 20-30 fun, themed booths, each offering a variety of tasty food & drinks, plus games with prizes, a costume contest, and music all night by DJ Jeff Edwards. Each of the participating booths will be competing for


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