Gifts and Giving Back

What do you think of, when considering the word "gift"? Perhaps a shiny, wrapped box with a neatly tied bow on top? Merriam-Webster defines the word gift as "something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation". Not a very shiny definition, but you can't argue with Webster. In a non-profit organization, such as the SPCA Albrecht Center, a gift can be many things, and the word "gift" in financial terms, is often applied to any transaction coming from a person or business to our organization. With the gifting season now fully underway and today being "Giving Tuesday" - a global day of giving after the "getting" days of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cybe

Do Pets Feel Gratitude?

Gratitude, it is said, is "the healthiest of all human emotions". But is it an emotion shared only by humans, or do animals feel it as well? Some argue that animals don't feel emotions at all, not in the sense that people do. But that's a hard argument to win when faced with the whole body wag of a dog greeting his owner after a long (or not so long) absence, or a cat rounding a corner after hearing the distinct sound of a can of tuna popping open. Opposite happiness, there have been reports of pets appearing to express sadness over owners or fellow pets who have passed away, and scientific research studies have been conducted regarding elephants and other large mammals expressing grief and

Fall for a Feline and Help Fix Overpopulation

Mew! Meow! Meooooow. That's the first sound I hear when stepping into the SPCA Albrecht Center's lobby each morning. I like to think their morning mews are their way of saying, "Hello! Welcome back! So happy to see you again!" But more likely, they're just hungry, ready for a litter box change and perhaps craving some attention. In case you haven't been to our shelter in a while, you should know that we have a lot of cats. How many is a lot? Well, for the sake of this article, I counted. Right now we have 55 cats and kittens on our adoption floor and 40 more in holding waiting for a spot up front, all awaiting their chance at a forever home. Some are adult cats who were strays or surrendered

Turning Forgotten Dogs into Family Dogs

The Merriam-Webster definition of the word "Shelter" as it relates to animals is "an establishment that houses and feeds stray or unwanted animals." "Houses and feeds". That's it. Those are the basics that most people consider when wanting a forgotten pet - be it stray, lost, or abandoned - "saved". Protection from the elements, food and water. Unfortunately, in many crowded animal shelters, "saved" under those terms can mean countless days, weeks, or even months living inside a kennel or wire cage, surrounded by other forgotten pets, strange smells and loud noises. But they're protected and fed, so they're okay, right? Think again. Life in an animal shelter can be very stressful to dogs, a


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