Many Happy Returns

Christmas is over and so begins the season of returns. Gift returns, mostly. Venture into any department store this week, and you'll likely see the long and winding line of giftees waiting to exchange or return items so they can purchase the gift they would rather have. Also though, it's a time of returning home. Folks who left town to visit family for the holiday will make their way back this week, to their homes, their jobs, their routines, and if they're lucky, to anxiously awaiting and welcoming pets. Imagine though, returning home to find that your pet had gone missing. Perhaps a gate was left unlatched, or a door was left ajar. Would your cat or dog be able to find its way back home? I

Pets and Christmas Go Hand & Paw

Pets have always been involved in holiday traditions in my family. They may not know exactly what Christmas is or why there's now a tree in the house and boxes wrapped in shiny paper with enticing, ribbons attached to the top, but with all of the preparations and festivities, their friskiness does seem to intensify and add to the magic of Christmas. Animals in general have played a part in the annual holiday of giving since the very first Christmas. Just look at any Nativity scene. Jesus was born among animals and slumbered peacefully in their presence. A donkey dutifully carried a very pregnant Mary to Bethlehem. And the classic carol "Away in a Manger" tells that “The cattle are lowing”,

Giving Pets as Gifts

What are you hoping to find underneath the Christmas tree this year? A sparkling piece of jewelry? A 70 inch smart TV or a new iPhone? Maybe your kids have their fingers crossed for a new Xbox? Imagine instead finding a cute puppy or cuddly kitten wrapped in a red bow. Would you be thrilled? Or would you be overwhelmed with the unexpected responsibility? Pets have been popular gifts for a long time - birthdays, holidays, or just because. The act can make for a sweet moment, the recipient being surprised and excited, but is that excitement short-lived? That has long been the fear for many people who work in pet adoption, be it a breeder or animal shelter - that the pet will eventually be retu

Make it a Meowy Christmas!

I don't consider myself a dog person or a cat person. Despite the fact that my family now consists of three cats: Bastian, Luna and Grady, and no dogs, I love both species equally and have shared my life with both. I was lucky enough to have two fantastic dogs in my life for 15 years, Bailey and Chloe, but overall there have been more cats and each of them left their own unique impression. If you've had a cat in your life, you know exactly how wonderful they can be, and hopefully you will consider bringing a new feline friend home soon. If you've never known the pleasure of a warm cat sleeping on your feet, or purring softly by your head, what are you waiting for? There are so many to choose


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