Our Dogs Are Talking - And It's Time to Listen

Is this dog good with kids? This question is one I hear nearly every day when passing through our adoption center, and it’s one that has always struck me as odd. The dogs on our adoption floor are people-friendly and love companionship, so why would some of them dislike children? What potential adopters are really asking is, “will this dog tolerate all of the uncoordinated, unpredictable behaviors my child might throw at him?” The fact is that most children, without even knowing it, can be a bit frightening to dogs. Their fine motor skills are not fully developed so their movements are uncoordinated, and children are more likely to invade a dog’s personal space. Most dogs do a great job of d

New Year, New Cause

Even though New Years Day is *really* just another day on the calendar, the feeling of inspiration and new opportunity is evident, and we should take advantage of that internal fire we feel with the New Year. But, what if we channeled that fire into pursuing what we’re passionate about? For some, it is self-improvement, or their career, or family. For many of our supporters, and us at the SPCA Albrecht Center, it’s animal welfare. I get asked every week, “How can I help?” It is such an amazing feeling knowing there are so many in the community that want to help us in our pursuit of animal welfare. If you want to help this New Year or even make it your resolution to be a voice for anima

Worth the Effort

In the front yard of my childhood home stood a beautiful, enormous magnolia tree that may have began my lifelong love of trees. But as much as I loved it, I also resented it for what seemed like an endless supply of leaves and seed pods that it would shed, all of which had to be raked and picked up, all too often in my opinion, since I was the one assigned to the chore. The effort seemed pointless to me. I would rake for what seemed like hours (time moves much slower when you're a kid) only to turn around and see more on the ground. If I was feeling extra motivated and worked especially fast, the ground beneath the towering tree would be clean for a few proud moments. And then a leaf would f

Happy Tail - Two Years with Pogo

December 28th, 2015. That was the date that changed my life. On that freezing cold morning, my grandma and I made our way to the SPCA Albrecht Center to bring home our newest family member, Pogo (then known as Sprout). He was thin, barely had any hair, and some might argue not very handsome, but he was beautiful to me. Pogo was found by Ann Kinney, the SPCA’s Director of Training and Enrichment in the middle of the road, covered with dirt, fleas, and red irritated skin. So of course he was brought to the shelter and was well taken care of by everyone there. I was a little nervous when bringing Pogo home. He would be my fourth dog and I wasn’t sure how my senior Corgi would get along with him

Knowing and Doing Better

More years ago than I care to count, there was a pet store in the Augusta Mall. I visited it many times, cooing over the cute, cuddly puppies on display in the glass wall of square enclosures and playing with the exotic birds perched in the back. The puppies were all popular purebred varieties: Labs, Golden Retrievers, Boxers, German Shepherds, and tiny Chihuahuas, Poodles and Pugs. I wanted them all of course, but could never afford the price tag. Years later, I learned the truth about the puppy mills and backyard breeders supplying the inventory for these stores. Mothers, or breeder dogs, forced to birth litter after litter of puppies, existed only to produce while living in horrible condi

Speaking Up: City Tethering Regulations Needed

A puppy was starved and frozen to death this past week in the city of Aiken. The emaciated body was found in a wire cage filled with feces, then brought to the SPCA Albrecht Center. We all know that this poor puppy had to have been whining, crying and begging for someone to help it for a long time before it mercifully died. The owner had to have heard it, the neighbors had to have known. The actions of the owner may fall under the state statute for torture, which is a felony. Let’s hope that the charges brought against the owner by Aiken Public Safety are ultimately under state statute and not just violation of cruelty under city law. As CEO of the SPCA Albrecht Center, I am quickly informed

Looking to the Furry Future

Happy New Year! It's amazing to me that we're sliding into the year 2018, when the whole idea of the new millennium seemed so far away for so long. Nevertheless, here we are, living in the future, with our hoverboards, pocket computers and voice-activated devices. I'm still waiting on those flying cars. Even better than high-tech toys and gadgets though, is that here in the future, positive change and progress for pets is being noticed in animal welfare organizations country-wide. Some animal shelters are reporting lower numbers of pets being surrendered by their owners for behavioral reasons and others are reporting a reduced number of homeless pets in their communities. Both decreases are


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