Heartworms and Leukemia and Arthritis, Oh My!

Working in an animal shelter is consistently inconsistent. From the heartbreak of neglect cases to the joy of seeing our favorite pets find a home, we never know what challenges and successes each day will bring. The homeless pets we receive as strays or owner surrender are as unpredictable as our days. Some are purebred, some are mixed breeds, some are healthy, some require extreme medical attention, some love other animals and people and some need a lot of training. The unpredictability of our pets can make some adopters nervous. This is when the job is toughest. We see amazing animals sit in our facility for months, even years, because they are not given the chance in a new home. Th

Tails of Hope

Day after day, animals in our community find themselves in hopeless situations. Some are homeless, hungry, and sick. Others may have a loving home, but their family cannot afford necessary veterinary care, and so they suffer. The good news is that there is hope. The SPCA Albrecht Center chooses to fill the need for affordable veterinary care and we choose to save strays and give them the second chance they deserve. We do it through our Tails of Hope Fund, which is funded entirely by generous, pet-loving local citizens. Let’s take a closer look: Timon came to us a few weeks ago. He was most likely hit by a car and was found suffering on the side of the road, his leg shattered. Because of the

Recognizing Volunteers - Furry and Human Alike

We see it in the news every day: A firefighter saving people from burning buildings, teachers going above and beyond for their students, people selflessly giving up all of their free time to help the homeless. Remarkable people doing remarkable things. Don’t get me wrong; these people deserve the utmost respect and recognition for what they do for our community, but what about our furry friends that are out there making a difference? When Steve Briggs and his wife, Doris Briggs, adopted Serena, they began to truly appreciate the “remarkable” in our furry friends. Serena was rescued from a shelter, days before facing euthanasia due to space limitations, to lead a life delivering comfort to

Spay or Neuter to Show Your Love for Pets

What better month than February, the month of love, to show our love for pets by designating it "Spay/Neuter Awareness Month" and celebrating "World Spay Day" on February 27th. What does spaying and neutering have to do with love? Well, you could say that "love" is the driving force behind unaltered cats and dogs seeking out mates resulting in far too many litters of kittens and puppies, many of whom will end up on the street or in crowded animal shelters. But more accurately, the love comes from the efforts of people, charged with the care of these pets, to help bring awareness to the problem of pet overpopulation and provide resources to help fix the issue. The reason is this: if left unal


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