Working for the Animals

Last week I visited a local jewelry repair shop to have a ring repaired. The service was friendly and fast enough, but probably would have been faster had I not been wearing a work shirt with the SPCA Albrecht Center logo on the front. The very nice lady behind the counter noticed and before even telling me her name, told me all about her dog, Grace, whom she adopted from our shelter two years ago. This happens a lot. People love their pets, and whether they recognize the logo or not, the cat and dog seem to trigger a happy reaction that makes them want to share their stories with a fellow animal lover. I love the stories, especially the ones about former shelter pets who are now living happ

Walking the Walk

On Saturday, April 14th, we came together and walked in support of the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare and the homeless and neglected animals in our community. I wish there were bigger, more meaningful words than “Thank You” to express our true appreciation for those of you that choose to support our organization and events like the Walk for Animals. With your help and activeness in spreading our mission, we will be able to help many of our animals with veterinary care and with purchasing supplies to keep them happy and healthy until they find new and loving homes. Supporters, volunteers and their pets came to the Albrecht Center and walked the 1.25-mile route to show their support

It Takes a Village

Shelters across the country, including the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare, are faced with the challenge of providing quality care for hundreds or thousands of homeless pets each year. With a small staff and limited resources, we would be hard pressed to provide quality care at the level we do without the help of our dedicated volunteer team. In 2017, our 300 volunteers gave over 11,500 hours of their time – this is the hourly equivalent to more than 5 full-time staff. Volunteers give their time raising funds for the Albrecht Center at our two retail Thrift Shops. Both shops are run almost entirely by volunteers who sort and organize donations, run the cash register, assist customers

A Tail As Old As Time

Like sharks, I believe cats are among the most misunderstand animals on the planet. As a self-certified crazy cat lady, many of my dog-loving friends love to tell me their stories of the evil that is cats. “He stared at me with fire in his eyes for five minutes and then viciously attached me out of no where,” they’ll exaggeratedly say. I listen and laugh along, but I know that there’s more to the trigger of the supposed attack than just “cats are heartless.” The truth is cats just have a more complex way of communicating with us that can be hard for humans to understand. So, here are some pointers to help determine when a cat is content versus seriously ticked off: Note: Body language mu


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