4th of July Pet Safety

AmericanHumane.org lists July 5th as the busiest day of the year in animal shelters "as companion animals that fled in fright the night before are found miles from their homes, disoriented and exhausted, and anxious families often find themselves searching the streets and shelters looking for a treasured family member whose fear drove him to jump a high fence or break his leash or chain." Fireworks: it's not uncommon for dogs, and even cats, to cower in fear at the sounds and sights of them, and often they will resort to dangerous or destructive measures to find safety, including running as far away as they can, and often that means far away from home. Other than opting out of the holiday's

The Truth About Tethering

Aiken City Code Section 8-19 Full Amendment Cruel tethering and chaining has been an issue on the minds of animal lovers for decades. Now, with ordinances being passed on county and city levels in Aiken and the introduction of legislation in the South Carolina Statehouse, which would establish regulations for humanely tethering dogs, it seems as though this issue is now on virtually everyone’s mind in South Carolina. However, with more and more discussions about regulating tethering, it’s apparent that there are a lot of thoughts and opinions that have been formed based on misinformation. It’s vital that we continue to educate ourselves on the facts regarding animal welfare issues if we wi

Bringing Home a Fearful Pet

When I adopted my dog, Django, from the Albrecht Center, he barked at my husband nonstop for weeks. Whenever my husband would open a door, stand up, or even glance at our new dog, Django would respond with a terror-stricken expression and a loud, shrill bark. He wouldn’t let us pick him up and he would always keep a safe distance of ten feet or so. Long story short, those first few weeks were some of the most stressful of my life, and yet, returning Django to the shelter never crossed my mind. I knew that over the next year Django would become my best friend. He would become the dog that could never get enough belly rubs, the friend who would cuddle up with me when I’m sick, and the companio

Surviving the Kitten Season

In my totally biased, cat-loving, wanting-to-own-a-farm-of-cats opinion, kittens are on the top of my “Cutest Things On The Face of This Planet” list. From their tiny ‘meows’ to their clumsy rompings, I can’t help but fall in love with each kitten I see. Lucky for me, during this time of year there are plenty of kittens to share my love with. During the springtime, shelters across the country are overcrowded with the 20 *MILLION* kittens that are being born in the U.S. this spring alone (ASPCA.org). At the SPCA Albrecht Center, we are already overcrowded with over 150 cats and kittens that are waiting to find their new homes and the calls to bring in new litters are coming in day after da

The Adoptability Factor

If you've ever visited an animal shelter, or even an animal shelter's website, you've likely seen or heard the word "adoptable". But have you ever stopped to consider what it means? Besides referring to pets who are currently available for adoption, meaning they have been evaluated, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, tested for common ailments and are ready to go home, what makes a pet "adoptable"? Who decides which pets are adoptable and what factors are considered in that decision? In an animal shelter, the determination of "adoptable" happens days or weeks before a pet is made available for adoption. The factors that go into that determination can vary from pet to pet and from shelter to she


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