Giving Hope to the Misfits

Imagine watching the dozens of daily visitors walk past your kennel when all you want is their love. You bark and bark hoping to get their attention, but instead it frightens them away. You lay in your room hour after hour wondering when your person will find you. You get walked, treats and the love of the staff and volunteers, but you dream of the day you have a family and bed to call your own. When you come to the SPCA Albrecht Center, you’ll find animals of all different breeds, sizes, ages, colors and personalities. The wonderful thing is there is a home out there for each and every one of these unique pets. However, there are some that wait much longer for their forever home. Whet

Personal Space: It's Everyone's Right

A number of years ago, I was walking my family’s old Basset Hound mix, Wesley, through a secluded part of the woods near our home. This area was mostly unused by other residents, and I gradually began walking Wesley off-leash. I always enjoyed these off-leash walks as they gave Wesley more freedom to explore and sniff. The Basset in him can never get enough sniffs. One day, we were walking as usual when I suddenly encountered a lady who had come quickly around a corner. Unfortunately, she was much more traumatized by our meeting than I was. Wesley walked up to her hoping for a treat, but instead of delighting in his floppy-eared cuteness, she cowered away while explaining that she had been a

The Real “Cost” of Free-To-Good-Home Pets

Everybody loves free stuff and cute, cuddly animals. Put those two things together and you get something completely irresistible. However, as the old saying goes: “Nothing in life is ‘free’.” When animal shelters or pet owners decide to give their animals away to new homes for free, it is our responsibility to calculate the true cost, or risk, in giving these animals away. Animal shelters across the country turn to waiving adoption fees for their adoptable animals as a lifesaving strategy to assist with overcrowding issues and to help find homes for pets that have been sitting in the shelter for too long. These specials help motivate adopters to find their fur-ever friends and relieve th

Happy, Healthy Cats Thanks to Petsmart Charities!

The SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare has received nearly $9,000 from PetSmart Charities, the leading funder of animal welfare in North America. The grant has been earmarked to support the daily operations of SPCA Albrecht Center so they can continue helping homeless pets in the CSRA and beyond. More specifically, the SPCA Albrecht Center shelter operations grant is designed to enhance the lives of the abandoned and neglected cats that are in their care by reducing communicable disease and average length of stay. With this grant, the SPCA Albrecht Center will transform a vacant room in their facility into a cat quarantine for sick cats and kittens and purchase a Tono-pen for their ful


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