Avoiding Christmas Tree Cat-astrophe

I have to start by saying I love cats. I think they are incredible, smart animals and, contrary to popular belief, friendly and lovable. Not to mention, very entertaining, Nothing my cats could do would ever make me love them less. However, if you are a cat lady like me, you also understand some of the frustrations with being a cat owner. This is an example for the holidays. A few days ago, my husband and I were excited to set up our Christmas tree and get in the holiday spirit. We take the tree out of the box, set it up and plug in the lights, just to be reminded that our cats had chewed through the lights last year (Side note: None of our cats were harmed in the making of the tree li

How to Find Your Perfect Match

When I am out about town running errands or getting coffee, I sometimes wonder what sorts of judgments other folks are making about me based on how I look or what I’m wearing. Do people perceive me as intimidating or non-threatening? Do I seem like someone who is energetic or lazy? While it would be amusing to find out what people think about me just based on my physical appearance, in reality my appearance doesn’t provide any concrete information about my personality. So of course I hope the people I meet will get to know me before making any determinations about my positive traits and my flaws. Don’t we all? That’s why it seems so odd that many of us pass judgement on the dogs we meet just

Thankful Pets

"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder." - Gilbert K. Chesterton Happiness, doubled by wonder. Sounds about right, doesn't it? Considering gratitude as the product of those two emotions, and having witnessed pure happiness on the face of a playful pup, as well as sheer wonder in the eyes of a cat in his new home, it seems only logical that pets experience thankfulness. Some people argue though that animals don't feel emotions at all, at least not in the sense that humans do. But that's a hard argument to win when faced with the whole body wag of a dog greeting his person after an absence, or a cat lovingly gazing upon

Compassion Fatigue

If you are one of the many big-hearted and hard-working volunteers, supporters or staff members involved in the animal care field, compassion fatigue is likely something you have experienced. Though the term may seem foreign to some, the feelings and effects of compassion fatigue are anything but novel to many of our readers. However, like other negative emotions associated with depression and anxiety, we are likely to bottle them up and pretend they don’t exist in an effort to not burden those around us. What we don’t realize is that our peers in the animal care field may be experiencing the same feelings of compassion fatigue (further referred to as CF) and need to talk about it as well.

No Kill Communities

No animal shelter is an island, and the reduction of euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals is an ongoing, community-wide effort. There are many pieces to this lifesaving puzzle from increasing adoption rates to spay and neuter efforts to community cat programs. Lifesaving is more about what happens outside the shelter walls than what happens at the shelter. When community members come together with local animal shelters and rescues to take part in this lifesaving puzzle, it is possible for whole communities to become No Kill communities. A No Kill community is one in which all healthy and treatable animals are able to be saved thanks to a variety of factors, and high adoption rates pla


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