Pet Care Golden Standard

If you are one of our many loving adopters or pet owners, you already know that pet ownership is a big responsibility. We spend ‘nine-lives’ doing our best to give our pets the life they deserve, but have you ever wondered if what you are providing is enough? With animals unable to communicate their needs in a way we understand, it can be hard to know if we are completely satisfying our pet’s needs. Luckily, in the world of animal welfare there is a golden standard to ensure we are giving our animals a high quality of life. Developed in 1965, the ‘Five Freedoms’ was an effort by the UK Farm Animal Welfare Council to address concerns about the way livestock was being treated. Though the w

2018: A Year in Review

In animal welfare, as in life, it’s important to know where you’ve come from to understand where you must go. Before jumping in to 2019, let’s take a moment to look back on all the ways the SPCA Albrecht Center served our community this past year. In 2018, the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare admitted 507 dogs and 515 cats, not including the 37 dogs and 84 cats who were already in our care on January 1st. For both dogs and cats, these numbers include strays brought to us by animal control and caring members of the community, as well as pets surrendered for adoption by their owners and pets transferred to our shelter from other organizations. Thanks to efforts by the community, animal

Understanding Shelter Pets With Ailments

Working in an animal shelter is consistently inconsistent. From the heartbreak of neglect cases to the joy of seeing our favorite pets find a home, we never know what challenges and successes each day will bring. The homeless pets we receive as strays or owner surrender are as unpredictable as our days. Some are purebred, some are mixed breeds, some are healthy, some require extreme medical attention, some love other animals and people and some need a lot of training. The unpredictability of our pets can make some adopters nervous. This is when the job is toughest. We see amazing animals sit in our facility for months, even years, because they are not given the chance in a new home. Th

Be Pet Ready

Falling in love with a pet is easy. Sometimes it takes just one look into those soulful eyes, a curious paw reaching out, or a soft nuzzle under your chin. We see it often at the SPCA Albrecht Center, and that head-over-paws puppy (or kitty!) love is frequently unexpected and unplanned. People who visit the shelter for an event or to make a donation almost always feel the need "just to look” and before you know it they’re completing an adoption application. Impulse pet adoptions can work out, sometimes. Too often though, these adoptions result in pets being returned to the shelter due to "unrealistic expectations", which is stressful and sad for everyone involved, especially the pet. That’s


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