Kitten Mayhem

As we wave goodbye to chilly, winter days, we say ‘hello’ to ‘Kitten Season.’ ‘Kitten Season’ probably sounds like the best time of year, but for those involved in shelter work it’s a time of high-intakes, round-the-clock care and much-needed support. It refers to the warmer days ahead when cats (and dogs) go into heat, giving birth to nearly 20 million kittens in the United States alone, meaning overcrowded and overwhelmed shelters. ‘Kitten Season’ usually takes place from March to October, as this is the time when unaltered cats are in heat, in line with the warmer weather. Cats can become pregnant several times throughout the year with each pregnancy yielding 4-8 kittens, meaning the c

Older & Wiser: Adopting An Older Pet

No matter who you are, I believe we can all find common ground in one fact; Puppies and kittens are adorable. Their tiny, pink noses, fluffy feet and pure nature are enough to spark joy in just about anyone. Maybe that’s why we can barely get puppies and kittens on the adoption floor before they have already been adopted. Don’t get me wrong - this is awesome! Every single animal deserves a loving home, including older animals. It is often thought that senior animals (over the age of five) come with a lot of “baggage.” After all, why did they end up in a shelter if they were an ideal companion? The reasons vary, but are hardly ever directly related to the animal’s behavior. The most co

Pet-Proofing your Home for Safety

When I see a shelter pet meeting her new family for the first time, it is undoubtedly a happy moment. Finally, this animal who has been waiting for weeks or months at the shelter gets to experience the joys of life in a home. Perhaps she will learn to play with toys for the first time. Maybe she will form fulfilling friendships with the other resident pets. I know she will have happy times ahead of her. When I see a shelter pet getting adopted, it is also a moment when I must have faith that the adopter will do everything in their power to keep that pet safe. Taking the time to pet-proof your home is a great way to get started on the right foot (and paw). Ideally, this would be done before a

Homeward Bound: Journey Through A Shelter

Staff arrives to the shelter early in the morning, greeted by an animal left abandoned in the middle of the night. Whether it’s a crate full of kittens or a dog tied to a tree, this sight is not uncommon to workers in the animal welfare field. We never know the reason for why someone would choose abandonment over surrendering. Maybe they are afraid of judgment. Maybe they found the animal as a stray late at night. Maybe they felt they had no other choice. Whatever the reason, here sat a drool-y, kind-eyed pup tied to a parking sign outside of the SPCA Albrecht Center. The staff approached him slowly, giving him the chance to get to know them through scent. They gently untied him and l

A Home for Eris

A couple of weeks ago, a picture was shared on our Facebook page that, according to Facebook, reached 25,000 people with 3.400 of them engaging with the post through "likes", comments or shares. The picture was a collage of 12 adoptable pets considered "long term shelter residents" who have been waiting far too long for their forever home - from 52 to 757 days. Despite the considerable social media attention the post received, nine of those pets are still waiting, continuing to be overlooked, day after day. Perhaps part of the reason can be found in a quote by Mother Teresa: "If I look at the mass, I will never act. If I look at the one, I will." Seeing groups of animals in need can be emot


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