Ask the SPCA Trainer

With many dogs being brought into the shelter from unknown backgrounds, our Canine Behaviorist, Michelle Jurnak, works tirelessly to prepare our pups behaviorally for a successful life outside of the shelter. Her rewards-based training style has worked wonders in keeping pets in homes and preventing returns of adopted SPCA dogs. No matter what behavior you are trying to correct, Michelle’s training ‘tips & tricks’ can help any pet owner that is willing to take the time turn their dog’s destructive behaviors into constructive behaviors. The following are Michelle’s tips for the top-asked training questions: How would you describe your training style? How can I incorporate it into training

The Truth About “Free to Good Home” Pets

Everybody loves free stuff and cute, cuddly animals. Put those two things together and you get something completely irresistible. However, as the old saying goes: “Nothing in life is ‘free’.” When animal shelters or pet owners decide to give their animals away to new homes for free, it is our responsibility to calculate the true cost, or risk, in giving these animals away. Animal shelters across the country turn to waiving adoption fees for their adoptable animals as a lifesaving strategy to assist with overcrowding issues and to help find homes for pets that have been sitting in the shelter for too long. These specials help motivate adopters to find their fur-ever friends and relieve th

The SPCA Albrecht Center is at Your Service

I frequently run into friends and neighbors who ask a lot of great questions about who we are and what we do here at the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare. I’d like to take time and answer some of these frequently asked questions to be sure everyone knows about and is taking advantage of all of the services we offer for people and their pets. Does the SPCA Albrecht Center help animals from outside the City of Aiken? This is probably the question I get the most. Put simply, the answer is yes. We take in all stray animals found within the Aiken city limits which accounted for 55.5% of animal intake in 2018. We also take in owner surrendered pets from all across the CSRA including from re

Message From Our CEO: New SC Animal Welfare Legislation Passes

The efforts to improve animal care standards in South Carolina began more than three years ago in the animal welfare community across South Carolina. The result ended with the passage of Senate Bill 105 today. The legislation now moves to the Governor for his signature to become law. The legislation will improve the quality of life for companion animals in seven key ways: Despite these improvements, animal advocates were forced to drop two key provisions in the bill in order to move forward with the bulk of the legislation REACTION FROM ANIMAL ADVOCATES IS MIXED “The passage of this important legislation is bittersweet because we had to sacrifice two of the key provisions, humane tethering a

Beat the Heat With Your Pup

It may only be May, but the heat of summer is already upon us in the South. With the AC on full blast, the temptation of staying inside 24/7 is strong. However, with the kids out of school, pets that need exercise and everyday tasks that will require us to leave the house eventually, staying inside until summer ends is not an option. Luckily, the CSRA has a long list of pet friendly, summer activities that will help you beat the heat. Summertime Treats Downtown Aiken is lined with amazing restaurants with outdoor-seating for you and your pup. has a great list of 29 dog-friendly restaurants in the area, including reviews and photos from pet-owners and descriptions of each re

Summer Safety for Outdoor Cats

Right now, my three cats are outside among the trees and flowers; digging up bugs, stalking birds and rolling in the grass; only in their imaginations, of course. In reality, they're snoozing on the patio furniture from within the enclosed safety of the screened-in porch. They may dream of wild, outdoor adventures and long for a taste of feline freedom while gazing through the windows, but I know what dangers they can encounter outside, and it's not a risk I want to take. However, my husband and I also care for a "recovering feral" cat, named Willow, who lives an outdoor life, and I know several loving cat owners who allow their feline companions to explore the great outdoors. If you care fo


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