To the Ones We've Lost, But Have Not Forgotten

Dear Departed Companions, Time has come and gone, but the memory of you remains in our hearts as you spend your days on the Rainbow Bridge. Though we are no longer together here on earth, the lessons you taught us about strength, forgiveness and love remain, serving as a reminder to live each day like you did. As we share some final words with you, there are few things we desperately want you to know. We hope you know that you were our best friend. Through thick and thin, you were by our side. You never judged us. You were always there to lend a furry ear. When we were sad, you licked away our tears, or cuddled us to sleep. When we were happy, you celebrated with us with your wagging

Home Alone

After watching The Secret Life of Pets 2, I couldn’t help but wonder what my dogs do to occupy themselves when they’re home alone. Some video recording showed that they tend to sleep on the couch for most of the day, only getting up to stretch and bark at squirrels out the window. Still, it’s fun to imagine them throwing lavish parties, playing in a rock band, and even speaking English when they have the house to themselves. Before looking at how we can keep our dogs happy while we’re not at home, it’s important to ask how long is too long to leave a dog home alone. In terms of a dog’s basic needs, the general consensus is that most dogs can’t “hold it” for more than four to six hours withou

Continuing Pet-ucation

The kiddos may be out of school for the summer, but the learning never stops here at the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare. Multiple adoptable dogs have recently been ‘enrolled’ in our revamped Phideaux University program, a comprehensive enrichment program designed to increase adoption rates and dramatically improve the standard of living for our dogs. As a shelter with a high save rate, this is a concern as we see animals in our care for prolonged periods of time. It is our responsibility to see that they have a life worth living while inside the shelter and have every opportunity for success in a permanent home. With the incredible help of our dedicated, volunteer ‘professors,’ P

Ask the Cat Lady!

If there's one thing you can count on at the SPCA Albrecht Center, it's that we have plenty of cats available for adoption. Especially this time of year. "Kitten Season" is the time of year, usually between April and August, when animal shelters can easily become overwhelmed with newly born or young kittens, due to the spring and summer surge of unaltered cat breeding. So far this Kitten Season, we've seen nearly 200 cats and kittens enter our doors. Add to that the many cats and kittens already in our care, plus 3-4 months of Kitten Season to go, and that's a lot of cats to care for and eventually place into loving, forever homes. With that many cats around, it helps to have some feline-foc


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