Be Kind to the Shy

If you are up early enough on Fridays, you may have caught one of our adoptable pets on WRDW’s ‘Take Me Home’ segment. And, if you’re an avid watcher, you may have noticed our absence a couple of Fridays ago. On this particular day, fate chose to take my early Friday morning adventure and turn it into a lesson that I’d like to share with you. I arrived to the shelter at my usual Friday time – 5:30 am. This allows me the right amount of time to get an animal settled in the car and make it to the news station for our segment. This week, I chose to take my personal favorite pup, Bradford. As usual, I pocketed a handful of treats, grabbed a leash and took Bradford on a short walk before hea

For True Compatibility, Look Beyond Breed

Take a moment to think about all the people you’ve chosen to be in your life, from your friends to your business partners to your spouse. Did you choose any of these individuals simply based on the way they look? Of course not. You got to know these people and found you were compatible on a deeper level. So why is it that many of us choose our dogs simply based on their physical characteristics? I’m guilty of this sort of subconscious bias as well. I’ll catch myself making a determination about a dog without ever having met the dog! Crazy, I know. That dog looks like a Labrador Retriever so she must be friendly and safe to approach. That dog looks like a Jack Russell so he probably barks a l

The Right Way to Rehome

None of us are excused from the unexpected changes life has in store. Whether we find ourselves expecting a child, making a big move, getting laid off from our job or having financial issues, we have all been faced with life-altering decisions. Overshadowed by the news, our furry companions often become the victim when we don’t properly plan to include them in our new life. It us our responsibility as pet owners to include our animals in every phase of our life, because to our pets we are their whole lives. Owner surrenders accounted for 24% of the total animals the SPCA Albrecht Center took in last year (up from 22% in 2017). This statistics doesn’t include the animals that were adopted

Back to School for Shelter Dogs

Back to school season is in full swing, but at the SPCA Albrecht Center school is always in session with student dogs in our Phideaux University program. The teachers are our Canine Behaviorist, Michelle Jurnak, along with our Pet Care Specialists and trained volunteers, who are all dedicated to finding these dogs new homes and setting them up for success to ensure that home is forever. The curriculum is Petiquette- basic dog manners that give our adoptable dogs every chance at quick adoption into loving homes. They learn sit, down, and relax - behaviors that make them much more appealing to potential adopters and better behaved dogs in a home. The goal is a PhD, a permanently homed dog, and

SPCA Albrecht Center Provides Hurricane Dorian Relief

In lieu of Governor McMaster declaring a state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Dorian, the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare will be traveling to Charleston Animal Society on Sunday, September 1st, to transfer 17 dogs from the coast to the SPCA. Charleston Animal Society arrived in Florida at 5 am on Saturday, August 31st, to provide hurricane relief for upwards of 100 animals from Brevard Humane Society and evacuated animals from Osceola County, Florida. Charleston also took in 40 cats and 25 dogs on Friday from Halifax Humane Society, Inc. in Daytona Beach. Shelter and rescue partners from around the state and beyond are assisting Charleston in now transferring these animals away f


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