All (They) Want for Christmas Is You!

The holidays are a wonderful reminder of all of the blessings in our life. I, for one, am incredibly grateful for my family, my husband, our family of friends and our furry companions, and my job at the SPCA Albrecht Center. I am also thankful that the animals in our care are in a warm, safe place while they wait for their forever homes. Despite these blessings, the holidays for anyone in animal welfare also serve as a reminder of all of the amazing, homeless animals that won’t experience the joy of being together with a family for the holidays. Therefore, it becomes our mission to make the holidays extra special for the adoptable companions at the SPCA Albrecht Center. Whether that’s th

Here to Help

Pet homelessness and overpopulation is fundamentally a community issue, and the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare is here as a resource for community members to utilize when helping local animals. I’d like to take time and answer some frequently asked questions to be sure everyone knows about and is taking advantage of all of the services we offer for people and their pets. Does the SPCA Albrecht Center help animals from outside the City of Aiken? This is probably the question I get the most. Put simply, the answer is yes. We take in all stray animals found within the Aiken city limits which accounted for 55.5% of animal intake in 2018. We also take in owner surrendered pets from all a

‘Sprouting’ Our Knowledge About FIV

A few months ago, my pup Ozzy and I were enjoying the last days of summer with a walk around the backyard, when I heard a faint noise coming from the woods separating our house from our neighbor’s. As I walked closer, I realized the noise was a cat meowing. After about an hour of searching for the kitty, I went inside, grabbed some food, put it out near where I heard the meowing and waited. Eventually, a beautiful brown tabby came hesitantly out of the woods towards the food. For the next few months, Sprout (named after a Hufflepuff ‘Harry Potter’ character for his sweet nature and love of food), my husband and I established a companionship, and our other animals came to know him as the “

Found a Stray? Here's How You Can Help

Staff arrived at the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare early Friday morning to find an enclosure containing two kittens who had been abandoned outside the shelter sometime during the night. While bringing stray animals to a shelter is certainly a good deed, there are certain steps we recommend following to ensure we are all helping stray pets in the best way possible. When you find a stray pet, check first for identification and contact the owner if possible. Owner information can be found on an ID tag or by having a nearby veterinarian or shelter scan the pet’s microchip. You may also try to find the owner by checking lost and found pet Facebook pages, websites, and community bulletin

Save Money, Save Lives at Local Thrift Stores

In 2012, a rapper by the name of Macklemore gave thrift shops a whole new image with a Grammy winning song and a viral video. In between some fairly colorful lyrics, "Thrift Shop" features Macklemore and his friends boasting about the common sense of thrift shopping versus wasting money on expensive designer couture and suggests that a smart shopper can dress stylishly for a lot less. The video features some impressive thrift shop finds, from green alligator shoes to leopard minks, jackets with fringe, velour jumpsuits and old-school Velcro sneakers. In an interview with MTV News, Macklemore expressed his disdain for rappers bragging about what they buy, including name brand clothing and hi


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