Cheers to A New Decade in Animal Welfare!

The year has come to an end and we now find ourselves in a new decade – 2020! The New Year is always exciting at the SPCA Albrecht Center. It’s a time when we celebrate a year’s worth of triumphs, including the many loving homes our amazing animals have gone to and the lives saved through community efforts. Every year, we work alongside the most compassionate people who support our mission and the animals, and the New Year brings a sparked sense of determination as we continue to work together to better the lives of the community’s homeless companion animals. Every triumph, every milestone, every life saved is not our own accomplishment, but the accomplishment of all of you - our supporte

Christmas Tree Vs. Cats

Last year, you may have read my husband’s and my ‘Christmas Tree vs. Our Cats’ fiasco. Here is the ‘Cliff Notes’ version: Eager to feel some holiday cheer, we put up our Christmas tree just to be reminded that the cats chewed through our lights the year prior (no cats harmed). That night, we go to Target, purchase a new tree, go home, decorate it, and then bask in the glory of our non-mutilated piece of Christmas heaven. The next morning, we wake up to the sight of broken limbs on our new, artificial tree, thanks to our cats’ attempt to climb it, and chewed-up ornaments, thanks to our black lab, Ozzy. If you are a cat person, like me, this scenario is more like your every day life of bei

Reducing the Homeless Dog Population – It’s Simple

Reducing the Homeless Dog Population - It's Simple The Rational for Registration In 2005 the Aiken City Council, at the request of its shelter partner, now the SPCA Albrecht Center, took a major leap forward in the interest of animal welfare and its own tax paying citizens, by passing an ordinance that required all owners of fertile dogs to pay a $100 lifetime registration fee. This is in exchange for the risk of that dog contributing to the homeless pet population. Owners of spayed or neutered and micro-chipped dogs pay nothing, but the micro-chip becomes part of the city data base so dogs are returned quickly. At that time, the City was reimbursing $80,000+ /yr to the SPCA Albrecht Center

Should Pets be Given as a Gifts?

What is Santa Claus bringing you this year? Maybe a new iPhone? Or a 75 inch smart TV? Perhaps you’re hoping for something sparkly? Imagine instead finding a cute puppy or cuddly kitten wrapped in a red bow underneath the tree. Would you be thrilled? Or would you be overwhelmed with the unexpected responsibility? Pets have been popular gifts for a long time - birthdays, holidays, or just because. The act can make for a sweet moment, the recipient being surprised and excited, but is that excitement short-lived? That has long been the fear for many people who work in pet adoption, that the pet will eventually be returned like an ill-fitting sweater, or worse - forgotten, mistreated or abandone


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