Looking for the CSRA’S Most Remarkable Pets!

Shelter dog, Serena, hit the jackpot the day she met her new, loving companions, Steve and Doris Briggs back in 2007. Serena was saved from certain death by euthanasia due to space limitations, when Molly’s Militia rescued her. Cue Steve and Doris Briggs, who fell in love with this sweet Black Lab-German Shepherd mix, and gave her the loving, forever home she always deserved. And, in return, the Briggs found a loving, loyal companion to fill their home. From the moment they saw Serena, Steve and Doris noticed how special this pup really was, and decided to take her on the journey to becoming a therapy dog. Serena attained this goal through the Delta Society, “a human services organizatio

Protecting Animal Rescue First Responders

If you’re like me, you’re a sucker for feel-good videos on Facebook and Youtube. You know the ones – soldiers returning from deployment or over the top proposals - but my favorite genre of these videos are animal rescue videos. I know. I know. “Why do you do this to yourself,” you ask. Even though these videos make me “ugly cry” every time, I love being reminded of the good that is still in this world, and seeing everyone come together to save the most vulnerable creatures. Many times in these videos, a first responder is rescuing a loved companion from a house on fire or propelling down the side of a cliff to rescue a dog who has fallen. These videos always end with the animal safe and so

Growing The Team For The Animals

Animal Welfare is an ever-growing, ever-changing field. As shelters and animal organizations across the country implement and grow progressive programs and expand their operations to more than just sheltering, their resources and staffing needs grow congruently. This is why you may see some new faces on the team at the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare! We began the New Year by welcoming a new Director of Special Events and a Director of Volunteer Services. With the addition of these team members, the SPCA Albrecht Center can grow our special events, which bring in supporters, potential adopters, and much-needed donations to the Center, as well as expand our presence in the communit

What February Means To Animal Shelters

Every year, as the hope of warmer weather approaches, shelters across the country prepare for the inevitable – an overwhelming numbers of homeless animals finding their way into their care. It happens without any question of what’s to come, so animal shelters work harder and harder every day to spread awareness about the only solution to pet overpopulation – spaying and neutering. Luckily, in the animal welfare world, there is an entire month dedicated to educating communities about this topic. February is known by animal shelters as “Spay/Neuter Awareness Month.” “...Just in time to help keep Cupid’s arrow away from your pets,” 24PetWatch states. Simply enough, it’s the month before kit

Do You Need To Register Your Dog?

A few months ago, a couple came in to register their dogs for the dog park located at the SPCA Albrecht Center. They were new to the area and, while registering for the park, they asked whether or not they needed their dogs registered with the City - something they were required to do in their last town. I’ll be the first to admit that I did not know the answer to this question because I live in Aiken County, where there is not yet a fertile dog ordinance in place. However, in the City of Aiken, it is very much a law that all pet owners in the area should be aware of. This dog registration ordinance came about in 2005, when Aiken City Council and the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare


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