Pawsitive Mews: A Six-Month Recap

We are living in an uncertain time. A time when it feels like we can’t escape from all of the negativity happening around us. That’s why it’s more important than ever to take the time to count our blessings and be grateful for any ounce of good we can find in our day to day lives. This is why the SPCA Albrecht Center feels blessed as we take a moment to recognize the amazing work that has already been done for the animals this year: On the shelter side, we have seen a decrease in intakes compared to 2019. This is thanks to spay and neuter efforts (including the community being active in spaying and neutering their own pets) and education regarding pet overpopulation, as well as limiting

Happy Tails: Adoption Updates Are A Gift To Animal Caretakers

Falling in love with an animal is easy, and it can happen quickly, much faster than you might expect. Especially when that animal comes from a less-than-ideal situation and they are relying on you for safety, food, and compassion. A bond is almost always unavoidable. Multiply that love by days, weeks, or months of daily care and interaction, all with the intent of saying goodbye. Animal shelter and rescue workers, volunteers and fosters do this every day. A core part of our mission at the SPCA Albrecht Center is "to improve the lives of companion animals by rehoming abused, abandoned, and neglected pets," so saying goodbye, though difficult, is ultimately the goal. But that goodbye is so muc

Communicating With Cats

In the world of pets, there is a lot of emphasis on understanding the body language of dogs to prevent dog bites and to better understand when our canine friends are feeling stressed. However, what about cats? As a self-proclaimed cat lady, I believe cats are misunderstood animals because they are more complex in the way they communicate with us. However, it’s important to learn the ways all of our furry friends are communicating with us so that they may live a fulfilled, stress-free life. Here are some pointers to help determine when a cat is content versus seriously ticked off: Note: Body language must be taken in context and owners should look at all of the cues of the body as opposed

Petco Foundation Supports Saving Cats’ Lives at the SPCA Albrecht Center

The SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare of Aiken, SC announced it has been awarded a $5,000 grant from the Petco Foundation to support TNR efforts and veterinary care adoption prep to help reduce cat overpopulation in the shelter. The Petco Foundation investment will help to minimize the number of cats overwhelming area shelters by allowing the SPCA Albrecht Center to continue offering affordable TNR surgeries for community cats and cut down on the cost to prepare the abundance of ‘Kitten Season’ cats for adoption. From 2018 to 2019, the SPCA Albrecht Center experienced a 15% increase in the number of cats and kittens taken in during the year. Combatting this rise was an important obje

Protecting Our Pets During the Dog Days of Summer

(PHOTO SOURCE: Wikimedia) Summertime is here, which means one thing and one thing only in the south – agonizingly hot temperatures and humidity. I was born and raised in Aiken, SC, but still can’t deal with the heat, and I know for our furry friends this time of year is even more of a struggle. We see the articles every year: “Dog Dies in Hot Car.” The stories are heartbreaking, and absolutely avoidable. Unfortunately, a lack of education regarding leaving our pets in hot cars resulted in 59 deaths and 126 rescues in the summer of 2019 (Source). Many pet owners wonder – “How hot is too hot?” To keep it simple, without the AC running, your car gets approximately 19-degrees hotter than the


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