Larger Than Life – The Risk of Overweight Pets

If you are involved in the going-ons of the SPCA Albrecht Center or have visited our shelter, you may know about sweet forever-kitty Bonnie. Bonnie came to the SPCA as an owner surrender in August of 2018 from a loving home. However, it was clear that Bonnie enjoyed her treats (same, Bonnie), as she came to us weighing nearly 29-pounds! This weight made it difficult for her to clean herself or even roam around freely. With careful veterinary supervision, Bonnie was placed on a strict diet plan. Staff quickly fell in love with this curvy kitty, and the decision was made to adopt her as a shelter cat, where Bonnie still thrives to this day. Staff even started a Facebook page for her, which boa

OH No! Where Did You Go?

A couple of weeks ago, the SPCA Albrecht Center started a Facebook fundraiser for a shelter pup named Otis, who had been brought into the shelter seven times since March 2020. His ‘offenses’ ranged from being picked up as a stray for escaping from his owner’s yard to chewing and other destructive behaviors in his new homes as a result of separation anxiety. Naturally, this has left Otis without a home as a hard-to-place pup in our shelter. Otis’ fundraiser was to raise funds for behavior modification training with our friend, Kara Dixon. Kara offers 24/7, in-home training for about two to three weeks at a time to correct deep-rooted behavior issues like Otis’. Her technique has proven effect

Be Prepared, Not Scared

September is ‘National Disaster Preparedness Month,’ and the SPCA Albrecht Center is getting ready for the upcoming hurricane season, which has devastated the Atlantic coast over the last few years. Luckily, the CSRA is inland and has not been severely affected by these storms, other than heavy rain and winds. However, our friends to the south and east have not been so lucky. In 2016, Hurricane Matthew, the first Category 5 hurricane since 2007, caused catastrophic destruction to Haiti and along the southeastern coast. Just a short year later, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey rocked the Atlantic. In 2018 Hurricane Florence and Michael hit the Carolinas and Florida coast with a vengean

Finding Fido

There is hardly anything more heartbreaking to a loving pet owner than discovering your companion has run away. The panic sets in: “Where are they?” “Will they come home?” “What if someone took them?” You call for them and drive around the neighborhood hoping for a sign, but they’re nowhere to be found. I am no stranger to this panic. My kitty, Anakin, used to do everything in his power to run outside as soon as the door opened, and he was successful a few times. Usually, and luckily, he’d make his way outside just to realize he wasn’t ready for the ‘outdoor life,’ and come running back inside. However, one night, he made his escape despite my best efforts and was gone for nearly two day


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