Foster parents or families are volunteers who are willing to provide temporary, in-home care for cats, dogs & their offspring. You provide the love, we’ll provide the pets & supplies. Anyone who loves animals and is willing to donate their time, providing lots of tender, loving care, could make a great foster parent. Ideally, this program is best suited for retirees, homemakers, people who work from home or who have flexible schedules.

Most kittens and puppies (with or without the mother) need to be kept in a foster home until they are 6 – 8 weeks old, possibly up to 10 weeks if they are sickly or underweight. Offspring without mothers will need to be bottle-fed as often as every two to four hours.

Adult pets who are shy or recovering from illness or injury will need to be kept in a foster home for a time determined on a case-by-case basis.

We will provide any and all supplies needed to care for your foster pet(s) and our Veterinary Care Center will provide medical care.

Requirements: You must be over 18 years of age and have extra room in your home (separate from other pets). Your current pet(s) must be current with their vaccinations and must be spayed or neutered. You also must have permission from all adult members of your household, and from any landlord or apartment manager if you rent your home.

If you would like to be considered for this very rewarding experience, please complete the application below. When the need for a foster home fitting your preferences arises, we will contact you. If you decide to accept the assignment, you will be required to complete our Foster Care Contract.