At the SPCA Albrecht Center, there is nothing more important than the wellbeing of the nearly 1,300 homeless & neglected animals that find their way into our care every year. Though we are not an animal’s forever home, it is our job to make them feel at home until they find their person…and that all starts with reducing stress through enrichment by building confidence.

Enrichment is the many ways we help stimulate our animals’ minds to prevent boredom and stress while in our Shelter. These methods are mainly overseen by our incredible team of volunteers, who donate nearly 10,000 hours every year to ensuring quality care for our animals. From stuffing Kong toys and daily walks to Read & Relax and cat socialization, it is our responsibility to prevent unnecessary stress in the daily lives of our shelter companions.

However, there is one major way the SPCA Albrecht Center could improve our animals’ lives, but we need YOUR help! Though our animals receive daily outdoor time, the Shelter lacks a grassy play area for our dogs. The public Dog Park is for members and is not ideal for our shelter dogs who need a separate, safe space for playtime & training. Therefore, with the help of our volunteer team, the Paws ‘n Play Recreation Yard project was born.

The Paws ‘n Play Recreation Yard project is a complete overhaul of our current agility field, which the original intention of this area was for our shelter dogs. It has served as a wonderful area for our pups to go off-leash with our volunteers, but attention was never truly given to this space and it severely lacks proper fencing, good grass, shaded areas during summer, functioning agility equipment & more. This project, predicted to be completed by early 2022, will address all of these issues, creating an enriching, safe space where our shelter dogs can build confidence and simply feel like dogs.

Of course, these changes come with a price and, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the SPCA Albrecht Center is looking to our community and businesses & individuals like you to help raise the funds to make this dream of our shelter dogs come true.

We thank you for your time and consideration and hope we can partner with you on this LIFESAVING project!

Current Agility Field

Old, nonfunctioning agility equipment. This equipment was purchased over five years ago and was not meant for outdoor use. The paint is chipping, the wood is worn, and we are looking for equipment that will actually be used by volunteers to help build our dogs’ confidence.

Current fencing is not appropriate for our shelter dogs to keep them contained or to facilitate play groups as there are loose spots around the perimeter. There is one picnic table that is not always shaded, especially in the summer.

There is not currently running water to the agility field, so we cannot fill up water bowls or our dog pool. There is one bucket of tennis balls and one “clean up” station. The grass is patchy and the ground gets very muddy when it rains.

Goals & Needs

Are you a business or donor looking to sponsor a specific need? Please contact Claire Roberson, Communications Director at [email protected] to learn more about our Paws ‘n Play sponsorship & recognition program. Sponsorships range from $500 – $10,000 for specific needs and sponsor benefits vary to best recognize your generous support.

Are you a supporter wanting to contribute to this project? Please use the donation form below.

Every cent is lifesaving and 100% goes towards this project through this donation form and through this project’s sponsorship program. Thank you for loving our animals as your own & make this dream come alive!