The SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare welcomes individuals who can support staff in meeting the mission of the organization. Volunteers are the backbone of the SPCA Albrecht Center – contributing over 10,000 hours of compassionate care to our shelter pets every year. Volunteers are staff, who generously donate their time to ensuring a brighter future for homeless animals. When you become a volunteer, you are a part of our team for life! Volunteer roles include animal care, retail customer service, dog walking, and much more.


Are you already a registered volunteer? Click the icon below to enter our secure volunteer portal. You will need your email address and Volunteer Information Center password you created when completing your volunteer application. THANK YOU for your service!


We are thrilled you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the animals at the SPCA Albrecht Center! We have many opportunities for our volunteers, and we’re sure you’ll find a place where you are fulfilled in serving our area’s homeless animals. We love our volunteers who work directly with the animals as well as assisting with customer service, facility maintenance, marketing, and special events.General volunteers must be at least 16 years of age. Children aged 12-15 may join the volunteer team as Junior Volunteers who are able to participate in select volunteer activities with a parent or legal guardian. To become a volunteer, first watch our informational video about the SPCA Albrecht Center and our Volunteer Program. After watching the video, you can fill out the online “Volunteer Interest Form” and sign up for a scheduled volunteer orientation. At the volunteer orientation, you will receive a volunteer package which includes a volunteer t-shirt and name badge with lanyard. The cost for this volunteer package is $25, $20 for seniors (55+) and students, and $10 for Junior Volunteers. We look forward to you joining our team!


Community service volunteers must be at least 16 years old. If you need to complete PTI or court ordered community service hours, please email the Volunteer Coordinator – include your case manager’s name and phone number in your email. The volunteer coordinator MUST FIRST verify your information with your community service contact before you can begin your volunteer duties. Once your information is verified, you will be contacted to schedule an interview. After the interview, if you are approved to participate in our program, you will be able to begin your service hours.

Applicants with the following offenses will NOT be permitted to perform community service with our organization:
  • Any offense relating to theft, burglary, fraud, arson, or breaking and entering
  • Any violent offense, including but not limited to: animal cruelty, assault and battery, domestic violence, child abuse or endangerment and any sexual conduct offenses.
Community service volunteers are charged a $10 deposit for the use of a t-shirt and name badge while completing their service. This deposit will be refunded upon the return of these items. Completion of required hours at the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare is dependent upon our need for additional help at the time you apply. The SPCA Albrecht Center reserves the right to refuse volunteer service from any applicant.




Volunteer dog walkers are needed each day at the SPCA Albrecht Center to get the dogs out of their kennels for some fresh air, exercise, training and enrichment. After training with our Pet Care Staff, volunteers become qualified to walk the shelter dogs. Must be 16+ to handle, walk or train the shelter dogs.


If you’ve been to our facility there’s no doubt you’ve noticed we have more than a few cats. While cats are known for being a bit more independent than dogs, they still crave human companionship and benefit from enrichment. Volunteers are needed to help clean and feed the cats in the mornings and provide enrichment in the afternoons.


The SPCA Thrift Store accounts for approximately 1/3 of our annual income and is essential to continuing our operations and mission work. Many of our Thrift Store volunteers enjoy knowing they are helping the animals without being around the constant temptation of taking them all home! Shifts of varying hours can be coordinated between you and one of the Thrift Store managers. On the job training is provided.


The SPCA has a full-service Veterinary Care Center (VCC) which provides complete vet care for privately owned pets. 100% of the revenue from this practice goes to supporting the SPCA Albrecht Center’s mission. Volunteers can come during walk-in hours to greet clients, assist with client paperwork, and answer client questions about prices and services provided.


Developed by the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland in Westbrook, Maine, “Read and Relax” decreases the stress levels of dogs on the adoption floor by teaching them to remain calm in the presence of humans without having to be the center of attention – in other words, just hang out. Volunteers can bring their own folding chair and book, or borrow one from us.


This program is open to children aged 12-15. Junior Volunteers have the opportunity to volunteer at shelter events. In addition, Junior Volunteer members can participate in Read & Relax and Cat Enrichment with their parent or guardian.


Although our facility is large, there is not always enough room for all of the animals we would like to care for – especially during times like ‘Kitten Season.’ Volunteers help by temporarily opening their homes to animals in need. All fosters require a brief counseling session before you begin your foster work and a foster care application must be completed. If you are interested, please click here to complete the application.


Most Saturdays a team of SPCA Albrecht Center volunteers set up for adoptions at PetSmart, Petco, Starbucks or other local businesses. These events keep us visible in the community and give us yet another opportunity to find homes for the shelter animals. Volunteers help with customer service, adoption counseling, handling the shelter dogs, and driving and loading the SPCA Albrecht Center van to transport the animals.


We have many DIY projects for you to complete to fulfill school service hours. These projects help us provide hours of enrichment for the shelter animals! Click here to download our Service Hour Guide. Once you have completed your service project, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 803-648-6863 or by email to schedule a drop off and sign off on your hours.


Photo of SPCA volunteer Judy York

For March 2022, the SPCA Albrecht Center recognizes volunteer Judy York. Originally from Connecticut, Judy and her husband relocated to Aiken in June 2020 and have fallen in love with “the weather, the history and, most importantly, the people” in this beautiful Southern city. By the following summer, Judy had settled in to her new home and was ready to find a rewarding way to connect with her community. She applied to the SPCA’s volunteer program with the focus of socializing with the shelter cats, and she was pleasantly surprised to learn the SPCA also needed retail volunteers to help at the SPCA Thrift Store.

Helping at the SPCA Thrift Store was exactly what Judy’s heart needed, and the store staff feel the same way about her. In addition to her wonderful career as a public-school teacher, Judy also had a side gig from 2004 to 2020 selling merchandise in an antique shop. She was missing her small vintage resale store back home and was thrilled to start this volunteer opportunity.

Thom, the store’s manager, describes Judy as “an outstanding volunteer. She is very outgoing and a team player.” Judy typically volunteers once a week for about 4 hours and began organizing the store’s books, toys, and crafts area. Most recently, the store needed help sorting donated linens, and Judy was happy to lend a hand with the vintage crocheted and embroidered items. Judy, in turn, lists the praises of the store’s “amazing, welcoming, and hard-working staff” and always feels appreciated by the team.

Judy is also a proud member of the Cedar Creek Ladies Club. This non-profit group of likeminded women from the community gather each month to socialize and put forth noteworthy fundraising efforts for various non-profits. Within this club, Judy serves on the Ways and Means committee as well as Good Works committee. The Good Works committee distributes yearly grants to non-profit groups whose missions speak to the hearts of these women, and the SPCA has been a fortunate recipient. Judy delivered Milk-Bones and monetary donations collected during their February meeting to benefit the shelter.

Animal rescue holds a special place in the York family as they’ve adopted many homeless cats. The family includes two long-haired, calico beauties, China and Bella, who have had no trouble adjusted to their new Aiken home with ease. They particularly enjoy lounging on the screen porch watching the birds flit and flutter at the bird feeders. Even a tricky gecko will stop by for a great game of hide and seek, just outside the reach of his watchful audience. When away from her lovely pets, Judy like to kayak, walk, shop, read, and quilt and she looks forward to additional adventures the South may have in store for her. She even might pick up some golfing skills!

The SPCA Albrecht Center is so proud to have a volunteer like Judy York on the team! As the SPCA Thrift Store grows fond of her giving spirit and can-do attitude, the shelter animals benefit from her endeavors.