By: Claire Roberson, Communications Director

Thursday marks one year since sweet Lars has been in our care. 365 days. 525,500 minutes. Over 31 MILLION seconds. Lars has been waiting patiently for every one of those seconds, but he’s growing tired of waiting. Imagine: Waiting day after day for a year. Watching adopters visit. Anticipation growing – “maybe this is my chance.” Watching those adopters leave every time with a different forever friend. Feeling more and more like your time will never come.

Don’t get me wrong. We are eternally grateful to every single one of our adopters and all the amazing homes our shelter animals have gone to this year. And, we have had many long-termers that finally found their forever homes after months of waiting. During the BISSELL Pet Foundation’s “Empty the Shelters” event, 65 animals found their person during those two weeks alone – twice our average adoptions. We are so thankful.

But, why not Lars? It’s a question we’re sure he wonders every day.

Lars has been inquired about. A couple of people have come to meet him, but it wasn’t the right home for one reason or another. He’s gone semi-viral on TikTok with comments pouring in with wishes for a forever home for this lover boy. The same wish Lars carries with him through the holiday that he hopes will finally be granted for the New Year. And we’re hoping you, the reader, might just be the one to make that wish come true.

Lars came into the SPCA Albrecht Center on December 30th of last year when he was picked up as a stray. He quickly became beloved by staff and volunteers, who might sneak Lars an extra treat or a couple of extra minutes on his walk. However, we knew his time at the shelter might be longer than normal simply based on his size. He’s a big boy, but that just means more to love.

Lars is athletic, but also a cuddle bug – the perfect mixture. He loves to go for leashed walks or stop by the Dog Park’s pool. During the afternoon, you’ll find Lars snoozing away in his room. Finding any comfortable spot for a long, cuddly nap. He is three and a half years old and is a mixed breed – weighing around 68 pounds.

With Lars having an athletic side and with his size, he is simply a lot of dog for some. He would do best in a home that would exercise him and have outlets for his energy – though he does need to be in a fenced in area to do so. However, there’s good news for his adopter that will make Lars’ transition all the more successful despite his athleticism. Thanks to our incredible supporters who donated, Lars’ adopter will be gifted with in-home training.

This training is provided by our friend Kara Dixon of Quality K9 Concepts, who will work with Lars and his adopter in their home to ensure Lars has a successful start in his forever home after spending a year in the shelter. Kara has created many successful stories for some of our long-term pups and we’re thrilled to offer this addition to Lars’ adoption.

How do you know Lars is waiting for you? Lars would love a home without small dogs or cats due to his size and occasional spunkiness. He would likely do well with older kids, but would appreciate no small children – again, due to his size. Lars likes dogs his size and would love to meet your canine friends to make sure he’s the right fit. He would also like an active home that will take him on leashed adventures and commit to his training with Kara, but also a home that has plenty of comfy places to nap post-adventure.

Lars is heartworm positive. However, he has been receiving treatment for the year he has been in our care. The cost for his medicine will be covered by the SPCA Albrecht Center. All his adopter would have to do is administer the medicine and bring him to the SPCA’s Veterinary Care Center for heartworm tests until he tests negative.

So, are you ready to make Lars’ dream a reality? We sure hope so! Please visit Lars at 199 Willow Run Road in Aiken, SC. We are open Monday – Saturday from 11am to 4:30pm (closed New Year’s Day) to introduce you to our amazing, adoptable companions. Want to set up a meet & greet with Lars? Call us (803) 648-6863 to let us know when you’re on the way so we have a staff member available to introduce you.

If you’re unable to adopt, please share Lars’ story. We know his person is out there somewhere.

As always, thank you for loving our shelter animals.

Claire Roberson has been with the SPCA Albrecht Center as the Communications Director for over five years, working in marketing, grant writing & media correspondence. She attended College of Charleston, where she graduated with a degree in Nonprofit Business & interned with Charleston Animal Society, the leader in the No-Kill South Carolina initiative. She is proud to be working for her hometown’s only nonprofit, no kill animal shelter. Outside of work, Claire enjoys the arts, snuggling with her cat Anakin and pursuing ways to make the world a better place.

The SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare is a private, nonprofit, no kill animal shelter in Aiken, SC. The SPCA also operates a local Thrift Store (“Where Shopping Saves Lives”), a public, affordable Veterinary Care Center & a Dog Park. It is our mission to improve the lives of companion animals by rehoming abused, abandoned, and neglected pets while fighting for their well-being through vigorous legislative efforts, humane education, and by offering affordable veterinary care for all.