June 11, 2024
By: Jade Garrett – SPCA Albrecht Center Events & Fundraising Manager

Galaxy, 5 year old Border Collie, was found as a stray and brought to the shelter by ADPS. He is family friendly, does well in playgroups with other dogs, and is currently available for adoption.

Animal shelters across the country are facing significant challenges due to overcrowding and an increasing population of homeless pets. Overcrowding can lead to insufficient resources, space, and staff to adequately care for the animals. While we do not euthanize for space here at the SPCA Albrecht Center, many other shelters in this situation often have to make the difficult decision to euthanize otherwise healthy pets simply because there isn’t enough room to house them. The rising number of stray and abandoned animals exacerbates this issue, making it crucial for communities to understand how to properly handle the situation when they encounter a stray animal.

Finding a stray animal can be a distressing experience, but knowing the proper steps to take can make all the difference in ensuring the animal’s safety and well-being. First and foremost, for your own safety, do not attempt to catch a frightened pet or stop traffic to rescue an animal running on the road. These situations can be dangerous for both you and the animal. Instead, contact Animal Control at (803) 642-7620. The officers are trained to handle scared pets and have the necessary equipment to manage the situation safely. Alternatively, if you do manage to secure the animal, the next step remains the same – to contact the relevant animal control authorities.

Eloise and two others were found as strays, abandoned in Aiken, SC. Eloise has been adopted and is now enjoying her new family and fur siblings in her forever home.

In the City of Aiken, authorities transport stray animals to the SPCA Albrecht Center. During the investigation of finding the owners of the pet, the SPCA Albrecht Center will ensure the pet is well taken care of. If the pet has an ID or a microchip, the owner will be contacted and notified. If the owner does not claim the pet, it can be adopted through the SPCA Albrecht Center or be transported to any of our partner rescue organizations.

In cases where you find orphaned kittens, assess whether their mother is around before intervening. Kittens under eight weeks old have the best chance of survival with their mother. If the mother is present, leave the kittens where they are and consider providing shelter and food. If the mother does not return after a couple of hours, consider fostering the kittens until they are at least two months old.

During the peak kitten season, from April to autumn, community members are encouraged to step up and foster these young animals. The SPCA Albrecht Center provides the necessary supplies and guidance to care for found kittens until they can be spayed/neutered and adopted into new homes.

By understanding the proper steps to take when finding a stray animal and the importance of community involvement, we can collectively work towards reducing the number of homeless pets and ensuring a safer environment for all animals. The commitment to managing stray populations, promoting responsible pet ownership, and supporting local shelters can make a significant difference in addressing the challenges faced by animal welfare organizations nationwide.