Anya and the End of an Era

Some of you may have known Anya from our Wire Road days. These days we have Henri and Molly; back then we had Anya.

She came to us in 2005 or 2006. A white Pit Bull puppy with no hair, and a victim of Demodex skin infection.

Shelter Manager, Sybil and staff raised her, treated her skin problems and tried multiple times to adopt her, but every time she was adopted her skin issues returned due to stress. Anya liked living at the SPCA and was given free run of the facility.

Many times driving up to the old front door parking lot the first thing visitors would see was this big white pit bull wagging her tail and barking. She made a lot of friends.

Finally, in March of 2012, when construction of our new facility was well underway and in anticipation of the move, staff renewed the effort to find Anya a permanent home. One day a young woman and her teenage daughter came along and fell in love. Anya fell in love , too. They all went home together and there Anya found a new mission: The mother was awakened one evening by Anya butting her head on the bedroom door. Since it was customary for Anya to sleep with the daughter, the mother went to her daughter's bedroom to find the girl in the midst of an epileptic seizure. The mother did not know her daughter had epilepsy. From then on, Anya would always alert her if a seizure was imminenet.

As Anya grew older she too began having seizures. Finally...on Friday evening at 5:30pm the Mother and daugher brought her back to us. In attendance at Anya's heavenly departure from earth were the mother, daughter, Sybil, and I. It was truly the end of the Wire Road era.

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