The More You Know

You may remember a popular series of public service announcements broadcast by NBC starting in the late ‘80s called "The More You Know". Surely you would recognize the gold star followed by a rainbow comet trail logo. The series’ goal was to raise awareness about the environment, health, education and diversity and empower viewers to take action.

Here at the SPCA Albrecht Center, we strive to help people in our area know more about all things animal welfare related through education, informative marketing and community outreach.

We do this by working hard every day to get information out to you: our supporters, our donors, our volunteers, our clients, our friends, fans and followers. Through ads, fliers, mailings, emails, articles, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and, of course, our fun events. It seems like a lot, but sometimes it doesn’t seem like enough.

In my new role with the SPCA, I plan to expand our marketing efforts to get more information to more people; through the avenues listed above but also in collaboration with our new Community Outreach Director. You’ll be seeing and hearing much more from her soon.

One of the ways we share our knowledge is through our volunteer-led Humane Education program. Depending on grade level, elementary school students have the opportunity to learn the basics of pet care (food, water, shelter, vet visits); how to be safe around dogs and other animals and even the importance of spaying and neutering in a math lesson that adds up the pet population.

Completion of the program earns each child a certificate and a “Responsible Pet Owner Pledge” bookmark to carry with them and remind them of the important lessons learned.

As fantastic as that program is for the next generation of animal lovers, you might be wondering about educational opportunities for the current generation. After all, the adults in our community are the decision-makers and action-takers, so it’s important that we arm them with the knowledge they need to best care for the pets in their charge.

For dog owners, this is where our Phideaux (pronounced “fido”) University program is helpful. Developed to help adoptable dogs find homes sooner and dramatically improve their standard of living while in our care through training and enrichment, the extension program offers private consultation and training at our facility as well as occasional public workshops to dog owners. By taking a modern, science-based, fun approach, we are able to address everything from serious behavioral problems to basic obedience skills or just getting you and your dog off to a great start together while giving you the tools to build a better relationship with your dog.

For cat owners and more general pet care knowledge, stay tuned to our website, this blog and social media channels for tips, tricks and important things to know in the animal welfare world including keeping pets safe in the summer heat, cat enrichment ideas, who to call when you find a stray animal and more.

Education and putting you “in the know” are so important to us, that it is the third item listed on our mission statement preceded only by the direct care of animals. Not familiar with our mission statement? It’s about time you knew!

It is the MISSION of the Albrecht Center to provide for the welfare of animals by:

• Providing a no-kill shelter for adoptable animals in our care;

• Providing affordable spay/neuter surgeries;

• Educating the public about the proper care and treatment of animals;

• Supporting efforts to combat animal abuse;

• Cultivating partnerships with rescue and animal control entities; and,

• Sharing the Albrecht Center vision with the community.

Wait, vision? What is the Albrecht Center vision? I’m so glad you asked: “The Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare is a private organization dedicated to helping animals that are homeless find homes, providing animals that are abused, sick or in need with shelter and medical care and promoting the ideal that the unfailing love and devotion from an animal should be valued by all.”

So, now you know more. But there is so much more to know. When it comes to animal welfare, care and awareness, there is always more information to provide and there are always more people to reach.

If you are interested in volunteering for our Humane Education program, please visit or email

To learn more about the Phideaux University program, visit auxuniversity, or email

Sarah Neikam

Marketing Director

SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare

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