Cash for Clunkers

I was one lucky kid.

I not only had the benefit of my dad being an excellent automobile mechanic but he also had a back-up vehicle for when one of our cars broke down. Once my brother, sister and I each got our licenses, we never lost access to the road.

The spare car was a burgundy 1984 Ford Mustang. What teenager wouldn’t want to drive a Mustang? Well, this car was a last resort for getting us to our summer jobs and whatever high school activities we were participating in, so it wasn’t in the best shape.

Let me emphasize the word “back-up.” I tenderly called this car the “Rustang.” It rattled, it shook and sometimes the horn got stuck. I even had to crawl to the driver’s seat through the passenger side when the front left door wouldn’t open because the lock was jammed.

But the Rustang was our Old Faithful. It was my siblings’ and my own ticket to freedom when one of our cars had a busted tire or the alternator failed.

So, when it finally broke down, and it was apparent that it would be more expensive to fix it than purchasing another used vehicle, we sent it to the junk yard.

I actually felt a bit sad about the Rustang’s demise. I know, I know. A car is an inanimate object but I couldn’t help feeling kind of attached to this fairly resilient vehicle. The Rustang deserved better than being abandoned in a field full of rusted parts, and had I known that we could have donated our hunk of junk to a good cause, I think we would have went that route.

Well, if your Old Faithful has finally ran its last mile, and it’s taking up space in your yard or garage, you can do something meaningful with that old piece of useless metal. You can donate it to the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare.

Not only does that donation benefit our organization by providing a few extra funds that could go towards feeding our many housed shelter animals or support our awesome low-cost clinic, your generosity would be tax deductible.

Donating your vehicle is a hassle-free process. You can just pick up the phone or fill out an online donation form, and the vehicle is towed away at no cost to you.

The vehicle doesn’t have to run, and donations of motorcycles, boats and motor homes are also accepted.

Since the SPCA Albrecht Center is a nonprofit organization, we run solely on little programs like this and donations from the community. We do not receive funding from the government or from the ASPCA, which is a completely separate entity.

So, like all nonprofits, we have to get a little creative to keep our organization running smoothly and continue our efforts to help the four and two-legged members in our community.

This vehicle donation program is a win-win for everyone. SPCA Albrecht Center can help you declutter your property and get a tax break while our organization receives a donation that can potentially save a furry life or two.

If you’re interested participating in the program or know someone who is, visit or call 844-570-4483.

If you’d rather help in another way, such as donating a bag of pet food or volunteering, visit for more information.

Amy Banton is the Community Outreach Director for the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare. Originally from Rustburg, Virginia, and a graduate of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, she currently resides in Aiken.

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