Happy Pets, Happy People

Quick, name 5 things that make your pet happy.

Time's up. What came to mind? Dinner time? A walk? Treats? A visit to the dog park? Tuna? Ear scratches? New toys? Car rides?

I know one thing that probably didn't come to mind: a visit to the veterinarian. Depending on what species your pet is, the car ride to the vet might make his tail wag, but once you arrive, and especially if he's familiar with the route or the building, his happiness can turn to anxiety pretty quick.

If your pet is a cat, like mine, then even the car ride to the vet can be an unhappy experience. My calico, Luna, howls for the entire ride like her entire world is coming to an end. Thankfully, car rides with her are few and far between.

The people at the SPCA Albrecht Center understand this. They are all pet people too, and they know what makes pets happy and what clearly does not. Our veterinary staff works hard to get you and your pet seen quickly with as little stress as possible for both of you, but while also making sure your pet gets the best care we can offer.

If you have to leave your pet with us for the day, for spay or neuter surgery, it's typical to be a bit unhappy, but try not to worry. Pets who are awaiting surgery are tucked safely away, in a quiet room with staff checking in on them throughout the day. After surgery, they are made as comfortable as possible with warm blankets and constant monitoring until you arrive to take them home.

Even knowing all this, a visit to the veterinarian still probably doesn't make that "happy" list, for you or your pet. Though the affordable prices might help with your happiness, the happiness for your pet comes after the veterinarian visit.

After vaccinations, they'll be happier because they'll be healthier with less risk of disease . After spay or neuter surgery, they'll be happier because they won't have those urges to roam, their temperament will be calmer and they'll have a better chance at a longer, healthier life. After microchipping, they'll be much happier if they ever end up lost because their chance of reuniting with you is much greater. And after treatment for sickness, injury or dental issues, they'll be much happier because their pain or illness will be diminished or gone completely.

Keeping your pet healthy is the best way to keep them happy, and you'll be happier too. When your pet is healthy, you can do more fun things with them that bring you both happiness, and the SPCA Albrecht Center has lots of opportunities for fun!

There's a dog park where your pooch can run and play with you and other pups or cool off in the pool. There's the excellent Phideaux University training program where you both can learn new behaviors and ways to make your dog a happier member of the family. There's also fun events like Yappy Hour, Dog Washes, The Walk for Animals, and Barkaritaville where your pets are welcome and encouraged to join you.

Come see us tomorrow night (June 1) to see what I mean. Yappy Hour is free to attend, for you and your four-legged friend. The dog park will be open and there's a fun wading pool just for dogs to keep cool. For you, there's a cash bar, live music by Marvin Blystone and food available for purchase. The fun starts on our patio at 6pm.

Visit our shelter, Veterinary Care Center, or website to see other opportunities for happiness, for you and your pet, and if you've adopted from us, we'd love to hear your "Happy Tail"! Just send me an email at marketing@LetLoveLive.org and we'll be happy to share it on our website.

Sarah Neikam is the Marketing Director for the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare. She is an Aiken native and has been with the SPCA since 2012. Sarah lives in Graniteville with her husband, Tom, mother, Cheryl and three adopted cats: Bastian, Luna and Grady.

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