Make it a Meowy Christmas!

I don't consider myself a dog person or a cat person. Despite the fact that my family now consists of three cats: Bastian, Luna and Grady, and no dogs, I love both species equally and have shared my life with both. I was lucky enough to have two fantastic dogs in my life for 15 years, Bailey and Chloe, but overall there have been more cats and each of them left their own unique impression.

If you've had a cat in your life, you know exactly how wonderful they can be, and hopefully you will consider bringing a new feline friend home soon. If you've never known the pleasure of a warm cat sleeping on your feet, or purring softly by your head, what are you waiting for?

There are so many to choose from right now at the SPCA Albrecht Center. Adult cats, kittens, short hair, long hair, black, white, tabby, torbie, quiet, vocal, playful or mellow, all of them are fantastic felines waiting to be purrfect pets.

For example, there's Keke, a one year old black female Manx mix with a cute bobbed tail and playful personality. It is recommended that she not be adopted into a family with other cats or small children, but she would make a great companion for a single adult or couple.

Cali Lee Rose is our longest resident cat right now, having lived in the shelter for almost a year. She's a beautiful, but very timid torbie female in need of a patient, loving person with a quiet home.

Bella, true to her name, is a beautiful longhaired female torbie. She's 5 years old, which means her kitten energy has calmed quite bit, but she still loves to play, craves attention and makes a great lap warmer.

Ingrid is our resident "Mama Cat" due to her sweet, mothering nature. She loves kittens and will cuddle and care for any that we put with her. As nice a benefit as this is for our motherless kittens, Ingrid also deserves a home of her own and not life in a shelter. We recommend adopting her along with a kitten or two to keep her happiest.

Effie is a female orange tabby, which is pretty special since the majority of orange tabbies are male. She's adorable, playful and super sweet.

If you're a fan of "The Big Bang Theory" television show, you'll appreciate Amy, Bernadette, Penny and Sheldon, an almost identical litter of four 3 month old kittens who, along with Velvet, a solid black male of the same age, were lovingly fostered by one of our amazing volunteers. They are all extremely friendly, playful and cuddly.

Those are just a few of the many cats and kittens available for adoption at the SPCA Albrecht Center. And right now, all feline adoption fees are waived! That's $0 for a perfectly fantastic cat or kitten and spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations and a microchip are all included.

Come cuddle with them all in person at 199 Willow Run Road, Aiken SC. We're open Monday - Saturday from 11am until 5pm, and Sundays 11am until 3pm. Adoptions are processed Monday - Saturday with the last one done at 4:30pm each day. Though there is no adoption fee for cats right now, each adoption does still require an approved application, your current pet(s) proof of rabies vaccination and you will need a pet carrier to transport your new cat home.

Already have a cat in your life? Check out our full-service Veterinary Care Center for spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, exams and more. It's open for walk-ins Tuesday - Friday 1pm until 4pm and Saturdays 9am - 3pm. Call ahead for spay and neuter surgery scheduling - prices start at just $40! 803-648-6863, ext. 1. Visit for a full list of services and prices.

Bring a cat or two home for the holidays for a Meowy Christmas and nine lifetimes of love.

Sarah Neikam is the Marketing Director for the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare. She is an Aiken native and has been with the SPCA since 2012. Sarah's family includes three adopted cats: Bastian, Luna and Grady, who are all living happy, loved lives thanks to the efforts of the SPCA.

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