Tails of Hope

Day after day, animals in our community find themselves in hopeless situations. Some are homeless, hungry, and sick. Others may have a loving home, but their family cannot afford necessary veterinary care, and so they suffer.

The good news is that there is hope. The SPCA Albrecht Center chooses to fill the need for affordable veterinary care and we choose to save strays and give them the second chance they deserve. We do it through our Tails of Hope Fund, which is funded entirely by generous, pet-loving local citizens.

Let’s take a closer look:

Timon came to us a few weeks ago. He was most likely hit by a car and was found suffering on the side of the road, his leg shattered. Because of the prompt, quality care Timon received in our Veterinary Care Center, he is going to be okay. Our vets amputated his left front leg and there is hope for Timon.

Jack is another story that inspires hope. Jack was living his life in misery without food or water, confined in a cage in freezing temperatures day after hopeless day. Until one day, there was hope. Jack was rescued and brought to our center. He was dehydrated, starving, and so cold we couldn’t even get a reading on our thermometer – we didn’t know if he would survive. Without hesitation, our veterinary team provided immediate lifesaving care, and fortunately Jack is getting better. He has gained 9 pounds, he’s warm, and he spends his days learning to be a loved dog.

Three years ago, an emaciated pit bull was found by the Saluda County Sheriff’s Department, chained to a stake, starving, barely able to walk, and not far from his two deceased friends who had starved to death on their chains. His prognosis was dim. Not only was he starved to the point of being a bag of bones, but he had an advanced case of heartworm disease. We named him Superman. He is perhaps the most hopeless case we have ever encountered, and believe it or not, Superman is still with us living a peaceful life here at the shelter. He is comfortable, well fed, and enjoys daily walks and play time thanks to our volunteer team.

Everyday, we welcome the hungry, the broken, the hopeless animals into our center, and we give them a second chance.

Financial need should never prevent a loving pet owner from getting their pet necessary veterinary care. Spay and neuter must be affordable if we hope to reduce the homeless animal population and reduce the number of animals entering shelters. Care must be affordable if we want to keep these pets healthy and in their homes.

The SPCA Albrecht Center’s Veterinary Care Center is able to provide this care at an affordable price as a service to the community. And it is making a difference. More animals are getting spay and neuter surgeries. More animals are receiving quality care. Fewer animals are surrendered to shelters because their owners could not afford medical care. And those strays that come to us with expensive medical needs are helped.

Timon, Jack, and Superman are just three of the thousands of pets who come to us every year in need of a second chance, and the hope we are able to give through the Tails of Hope Fund is only sustainable with continued community support.

Jessica Gladkowski is the Director of Community Relations at the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare. Jessica received her Bachelor of Arts in Japanese from The University of Vermont in 2013, and over the next several years she traveled to Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines where she taught English and immersed herself in different cultures. Jessica is inspired to combine her passion for helping animals, teaching, and serving a diverse community through a career in animal welfare. Jessica lives in Aiken with her husband David and their rescue dogs Django and Ollie.

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