A Round of A-Paws

At the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare, our staff, volunteers, board members, supporters and donors are family and success is inevitable when we all come together. Each individual is a piece to the puzzle of our organization and everyone plays an important role in ensuring our community continues to improve in hopes of a brighter future for the animals in need. Very recently, we saw the incredible power of “togetherness” in the opening of the new SPCA Thrift Store.

As many of you know, the SPCA Albrecht Center is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit and we do not receive any government funding nor funding from the ASPCA (a separate entity). Therefore, we have had to rely on the amazing support from all of you in the form of donations, facility rentals, adoption fees, dog park memberships, veterinary care and thrift store purchases. The SPCA Thrift Stores are a vital factor in raising funds for the organization and it is because of your support and donations to the Thrift Stores that 100% of the revenue from sales can go to saving lives!

Recently, we decided to expand our Thrift Stores by opening up a nicer and bigger SPCA Thrift Store. And, on Wednesday May 23rd, we hosted a Preview Party and Fashion Show for the new store. The event was a big success thanks to the many moving parts that made it happen. Since we don’t always get the chance to personally thank each individual that shows their support, I wanted to take the time and use this platform to do so right now. Stick with me – there’s a lot of appreciation to go around.

First and foremost, thank you to Russ and Jennifer Richardson for their countless hours and dedication to practically building the store from the ground up. There are no amount of words to describe how essential they were to this process.

Thank you to Steve Young for painting the floors and for the electrical and thank you to Sherwin Williams for supplying the paint.

Thank you to Dumpster Depot for providing the trash and recyclables and to Lowe’s for contributing shopping carts.

Thank you to CP and Amy Doremus at Aiken Saddlery for employee labor and for allowing us to use their trucks to transport fixtures to the new store.

Thank you to Pam Edinger for purchasing supplies and for her endless hours of hard work.

Thank you to Allegra for installing all of the vinyl on the storefront and behind the register.

Thank you to Tom Sagarent for donating the pallets that you will see hung up around the new store, displaying items for sale.

Thank you to Gary Albrecht and Al Sorensen for purchasing the Close Circuit Camera System.

Thank you Paul Smith for donating the big screen TV that we will use to communicate the going-ons at the shelter and our Veterinary Care Center.

Thank you to Gary and Eva Finnan, the visionaries for the store, for their design and creative assistance.

Thank you to the many amazing volunteers that provided back breaking labor, including: Liz and Bill Cox, Lynn Goldthrope, Mary Guynn, Lisa Handy, Gary Albrecht, Michael Sullivan, Barbara Nelson, Jack Roth, Nancy Goldmark, Steve Hulbert, Sharer Dale, Ted Cummings, Jill Thomas, Robert and Patricia Fine, Herb Curry, Jeremy McCraken and Tommy “Pierre” Cheatham.

Thank you to the incredible Thrift Store volunteers and managers: Shelby Menard, Wanda Gibson and Heidi McClelland, for sticking with us through this process and for their continuous hard work.

Thank you to the Preview Party volunteers: Karen Sheron, Gary Albrecht, Pam Edinger, Sybil Altman, Sarah Neikam, Jessica Glaskowski, Jack Roth, Paul Smith, Robert Fine, Russ Richardson, Heidi McClellan, Shelby Menard and Mary Guynn. Thank you to the DJ, Jeff Edwards, for the awesome music and the photographers, John Antaki, Karen Johnson, Michelle Jurnak and Allen Riddick for capturing so many amazing moments.

Thank you to the fashion show coordinator, Chris Powers, and all of the models and helpers: Ted Cummings, Mary Guynn, Sharer Dale, Nancy Goldmark, Jill Thomas, Katie Roth, Amy and CP Doremus, Cissie and Michael Sullivan, Betsy and Lily Minton, Patricia Fine, Chuck and Carol Pexa, Samantha and Jerry Spitler, Tom and Arlene Weyl, Barbara Nelson, Richard Civita, Krissy Greenleaf, David Stinson and all of the adorable pups (A special thanks to my hubby, Logan Grimes, for modeling).

Thank you to our sponsors and our event sponsors for ensuring we can save as many lives as possible through these events.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to our supporters, longtime shoppers, volunteers, newcomers, those that spread the word, bought tickets, shared the event on social media and attended the Preview Party. We could not do this without each and every one of you. You are the heroes.

The new SPCA Thrift Store is open NOW at 1589 Whiskey Road in Aiken. The store is open Monday through Saturday 10am to 5pm. We hope to see you “where shopping saves lives.”


Claire R. Grimes is the Albrecht Center’s Development Director. She is an Aiken native, but spent some college years in Charleston, graduating from CofC and interning with Charleston Animal Society. She is excited to now be working in the animal welfare field in her hometown and is proud of the community efforts to better the lives of Aiken’s animals. Her family includes her husband, Logan, an adopted black lab, Ozzy, an adopted Siamese mix, Luna, and Claire’s first love, Anakin, a 17-pound rescued Maine Coon mix.

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