Cheers to A New Decade in Animal Welfare!

The year has come to an end and we now find ourselves in a new decade – 2020! The New Year is always exciting at the SPCA Albrecht Center. It’s a time when we celebrate a year’s worth of triumphs, including the many loving homes our amazing animals have gone to and the lives saved through community efforts. Every year, we work alongside the most compassionate people who support our mission and the animals, and the New Year brings a sparked sense of determination as we continue to work together to better the lives of the community’s homeless companion animals.

Every triumph, every milestone, every life saved is not our own accomplishment, but the accomplishment of all of you - our supporters, volunteers, adopters, donors, staff members, event attendees and more. The animals that passed through our doors in 2019, and will pass through our doors in 2020, were given a second chance because of you. So, I’d personally like to take the opportunity to thank you for the many blessings you have brought to the SPCA Albrecht Center this year (in no particular order, of course).

I have to start by thanking our adopters, who gave our animals the home and love they’ve always deserved. Coming from broken pasts, many of our animals have never known the joys of treats, playtime, belly rubs and cuddles, much less a bed and home to call their own. Because you selflessly chose to adopt an animal in need from the SPCA Albrecht Center, your new companion was given a second chance, which they are forever grateful for. You gave them hope, love and a forever friend (and visa versa, I must add).

Thank you to our volunteers, who work day after day to ensure these animals have the best life possible at the shelter. To our cat caring, dog walking, enrichment & training, reading & relaxing, offsite adopting, fostering, donation-house collecting volunteers, thank you for your hands-on care. To our Thrift Store volunteers, thank you for providing much-needed assistance at the store ‘Where Shopping Saves Lives’ and helping provide revenues for the animals in our care. To our Veterinary Care Center volunteers, thank you, also, for providing much-needed help and assisting patrons with the animals they love dearly. You make running the shelter possible every single day and give the animals hope with the countless hours you selflessly donate to the Center.

Thank you to our SPCA shelter, Vet Care Center and Thrift Store employees, who work 365 days a year to feed, house and care for every homeless or neglected animal that passes through our doors, as well as provide life-saving care for personally-owned pets and manage vital operations of the organization. You (as well as our volunteers), share a piece of your soul and heart with every single fur baby that enters the shelter. You root for their successes and bring them out of their dark pasts by giving them hope. You, with the volunteers, are the heart of the SPCA Albrecht Center.

Thank you to our donors, who provide generous support to be used for veterinary care and supplies so that the animals may live their best lives until they find a forever home. Whether you provided monetary or supply donations, started a birthday fundraiser on Facebook or are a Legacy Society member, every last bit is used to further the mission of the SPCA Albrecht Center and to better the lives of the community’s homeless and neglected animals. Your generosity provides everything from extensive medical care to everyday essentials, like food, toys and treats.

Thank you to Thrift Store shoppers and Veterinary Care Center patrons. By shopping ‘Where Shopping Saves Lives’ and supporting the SPCA’s full-service Vet Care Center, you are providing contributions to homeless animals, while finding some wonderful Thrift Store goods or keeping your pets healthy. A simple act like supporting one of the SPCA’s operations results in wonderful change for shelter animals.

Thank you to ALL of our supporters, who show your support in many, many ways – attending events, following us on Facebook and sharing posts, supporting legislation, sponsoring adoptions or events, visiting the shelter, reading our blog, sharing our mission with friends and family, and more! Every morsel of support of our mission provides a ripple effect that directly benefits the animals. It finds them homes, raises donations for care and educates peers about animal welfare issues. No amount of support is too small – it all makes lasting change for a better tomorrow for the most vulnerable animals.

Last, but absolutely, certainly not least, thank you the homeless animals in our care. You have taught us that no amount of darkness can extinguish your light. You provide us hope, repair our trust in humans and bring us endless smiles and laughter just by being you. You are the truest example of strength, as you overcome pasts that we could never understand. You give us companionship every day of your lives and are always the first to forgive us when we fail you. No amount of words could thank you enough for the lessons you’ve taught us, and the light you shine into our everyday lives.


An Aiken native and self-proclaimed cat lady, Claire Grimes is the SPCA Albrecht Center’s Development Director. She attended College of Charleston, where she graduated with a degree in Nonprofit Business and interned with Charleston Animal Society, the leader in No-Kill South Carolina. She is excited to now be working in animal welfare in her hometown and is proud of the community's robust efforts to better the lives of Aiken’s animals. Her family includes her husband, Logan, adopted black lab Ozzy, and two always-hungry kitties, Anakin & Luna (plus, in spirit, her pup Sophie).

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