The SPCA Albrecht Center recognizes Todd Hommel as this month’s spotlight volunteer. Todd is a talented volunteer with a compassionate heart.

Starting in July 2022, Todd has been socializing cats through the read and relax volunteer program. They believe the best part of their work is watching cats become comfortable enough to cuddle into their lap, nudge their hand for more petting, or affectionately purr. “When I know they’re happy, I’m happy,” Todd said.

Of all the animals in the center’s cat adoption wing, Todd has gravitated to a group of three kittens: Green, Indigo, and Purple. “I’d love dubbing them the ‘Trouble Trio.’ During my first time meeting them, they all ran out of the cage together,” Todd said.

A memorable moment during their volunteer service was witnessing Purple’s adoption. Todd hopes to see the same happen for Indigo and Green. “If anyone is looking for a playful kitten, Green will be your guy. Those looking for a chill cuddle buddy should turn to Indigo for that calm affection. Both, however, are massive sweethearts,” Todd commented.

Surprisingly, this young cat whisper developed an affinity for cats and kittens only recently. “Before this, I hadn’t seen myself as a cat person in years. Now I see them at least once a week. I’m truly lucky to have met cats like Purple, Lacey, Quark, Bohemia, Charleston, and so many more,” they said.

In their free time, Todd likes to watch horror movies with their friends, draw, animate, and write. They live with two rescue dogs, Thor and Buddy. Both were adopted from the Albrecht Center. 


Thank you, Todd. We greatly appreciate the time and attention that you give our animals.