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These pets are long-term residents available for $0 adoption!


🐾Hi, my name is Popsicle!🐾 I am a beautiful, fluffy, black and white longhair cat, and I’m about a year old. People say that I am very playful and curious, which makes me lots of fun to be around. I absolutely love head scratches and get really excited when people come near my enclosure. I’m always ready for some fun and love to explore my surroundings. I’m dreaming of a forever home where I can share my playful spirit and affectionate nature. Please make my dream come true!


🐾Hi, my name is Isobel!🐾 I am approximately 3 years old. People say that I would be perfect for a family because of my loving nature. I really do get excited and happy when I am around people. They are my favorite. I like to go for walks and have good leash manners, so I would be pretty much at home anywhere including apartment living. Right now, at the SPCA I am surrounded by dogs, but my dream is to be surrounded by people. Please make my dream come true.



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