Phideaux University is a comprehensive training program designed to increase adoption rate and dramatically improve the standard of living for our dogs. As a no-kill shelter, this is of constant concern. It is not enough to offer these animals life; it is our responsibility to see that they have a life worth living while inside the shelter and have every opportunity for success in a permanent home. At Phideaux University, YOU are the trainer, schooling your selected student in basic training, and readying this furry friend for “real life” outside the shelter walls.


  1. Our first priority is the dogs’ wellbeing including providing humane living quarters and reducing each dog’s average stay in our shelter through training and socialization. Reducing the length of stay will allow us to re-home a greater number of dogs.

  2. Our second objective is to decrease our returns to the shelter. We know almost all of the dogs returned are brought back due to behavioral issues. We fear others may become “yard dogs” for the same reason.

  3. Last but not least, we want to see our volunteers happy! We believe in adequately training volunteers, providing a fun atmosphere in which volunteers can contribute, and recognizing their accomplishments and contributions to the program.


Phideaux University requires a bit of extra training beyond basic onboarding, but the rewards and results are well worth the input!


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