We Have Some Amazing Volunteers We'd Like to Thank

Meet our newest spotlight!

Regine Matlack

Introducing this month’s Volunteer Spotlight, Regine Matlack, who is a vital part of the SPCA Thrift Shop team. Originally from Germany, she moved to Aiken two years ago from New Jersey and wanted to give back to her new community. Helping in the thrift store is a busy job, and she dives right in helping sort incoming items, researching valuable finds, and stocking the shop floor. Staff and fellow volunteers enjoy her uplifting presence and jam sessions of classical music records while working in the stockroom. Regine also tells entertaining stories about her life living in London. When asked why the thrift store is dear to her heart she explains, “you meet a lot of nice people and you never what comes through the door. Sometimes we get a whole household [of donations] and it gives you a sense of the person, who they were, what they were like, and how they lived.” When at home, Regine spends time with her husband and cat named Mr. Pip, who was the pipsqueak from a little of feral cats in New Jersey.


Regine shows how rewarding volunteer work can be without actually having one-on-one time with the animals in our care. Thank you, Regine, for your lovely spirit and hard work helping our shelter animals find forever homes!


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