We Have Some Amazing Volunteers We'd Like to Thank

Meet our newest spotlight!


Susan Birt

This month the SPCA Albrecht Center would like to recognize Susan Birt. A native of nearby Williston, Susan loves to “expand my community and get to know others.” Staff here enjoy her smart and outgoing personality which cultivates kindness in her interactions with both pets and people. The story of Susan’s connection to the shelter is a heartwarming one of family values and community spirit. Susan’s grandmother, Betty Thompson, was a dedicated supporter of the SPCA, and when she died Susan came across handwritten cards from the shelter CEO thanking Mrs. Thompson for her donations. The cards moved Susan and in May 2019 she jumped right into Phideaux University dog walking. Her favorite part of dog walking is, “knowing that I can make that dog’s day happier. Seeing the [dog’s] face saying, ‘I appreciate you being kind to me.’” Not only is Susan an animal welfare advocate, she also is a longtime volunteer of Phinizy Swamp Nature Park in Augusta, GA as an environmental team leader. Being a biologist, Susan enjoys nature and has helped volunteer teams build Phinizy’s boardwalks and playgrounds, assist in clean-up efforts, and perform various maintenance projects. Susan combines her volunteer ventures and her 15-year career with the animal pharmaceutical company, now called Union Agener, where she helps plan days of service with her coworkers. What does such a shining lady do for fun? Susan spends her leisure time restoring her 200-year-old house and honoring her family’s history passed down through the generations. Every evening her truck is piled high with pooches:  her two dogs, Belle and Frank, along with Susan’s mother’s two hound dogs all ride down South Carolina roads. Susan says, “I wish I could tell my grandmother all the success stories,” and we at the SPCA cherish the legacy built by this family. Thank you, Susan Birt, for your dedication and passion for the animals in our community!

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