We Have Some Amazing Volunteers We'd Like to Thank

Meet our newest spotlight!


To our entire Volunteer Team:


As we begin a new year, I would like to take this time to appreciate every one of our volunteers. What a tough year we leave behind us! The viral pandemic has taken its toll on our lives in many ways, has demanded so much of our attention, and pushed us to the limit at times. I hope you all know how appreciative the SPCA Albrecht Center's staff are of your help and dedication. We know some of you needed to take a step back from volunteering in order to keep yourselves and your loved ones healthy, even as your hearts wanted to continue your passion for animal welfare. Some of you have been able to continue volunteering on-site or in more creative ways. Your hearts are for the homeless animals in our community, always. Thank you for helping us keep the shelter safe for both animals and humans! And even when you may think to yourself, "today I don't feel like doing anything," I hope you have a wonderful furry friend to help you through the tough times. You are all champions in our book!

Zy Abrams, Tacoa Allen, Andrea, A, Jessica A, Maddie B, William B, Sandy B, Brie B, Susan B,

Bernie B, Susan B, Kate B, Emily B, Marilyn B, Owen B, Alicia B, Carly B, Elizabeth C, Kia C,

Sergei C, Andy C, Elizabeth C, Victoria C, Dalton C, Bill C, Liz C, Chip C, Sharer D, Amy D,

Deanna D, Joshua D, Cherri D, Helen D, Kathy D, Emilie D, Geneva D, Amy D, C.P. D, Lori D, Deborah E, Patricia E, Mark E, Marge F, Susan F, Robert F, Tyler G, Tanya G, Pam G,

Nancy G, Kaitlyn G, Sally G, Sela G, Mary G, Dawn H, Tyler H, Lisa H, Brooke H, Kenzie H, Hyler H, Gaell H, Bonnie H, Tanya H, Nick H, Cathy H, Betsy H, Jane J, Jackie K, Kim K, Matthew K, Jasmine K, Kathy K, Chris K, Donna L, Gary L, Tom L, Madison L, Trish L, Bridget L, Susan L, Leah L,

Krista L, Carolann L, Ella M, Joanne M, Regine M, Deborah M, Jennifer M, Roman M, Yvette M, Audrey M, Joye M, Marie M, Greer M, Billie M, Peter M, April M, John M, Aiden M, Lori M,

Chelsea N, Carter N, Steve N, Cassie N, Rachel N, Jyote P, Andrew P, Kristine P, Lorian P,

Linda P, Laura P, Marion P, Cathy P, Dazmine P, Cara R, Skyleigh R, Alanna R, Jennifer R,

Russell R, Angelica R, Jack R, Faith S, Drew S, Susan S, Tammie S, Maddy S, Caitlin S, Keith S,

Susan S, Claire S, Marcia S, Allan S, Ally S, Melody S, Donna S, Michael S, Adelaide T, Jill T,

Brooke T, Haley T, Rebecca von S, Maryann W, Danna W, Bill W, Melinda W, Steve Y

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