By: Miranda Ewing, Director of Volunteer Services

PHOTO: SPCA volunteer Yvette McCord

For February 2022, the SPCA Albrecht Center recognizes volunteer Yvette McCord. Yvette and her husband have lived in Aiken for 16 years, and she began volunteering with the SPCA in August 2019. As an animal-lover with a particular “soft spot” for the cats, Yvette knew she wanted to provide enrichment for the adoptable cats as they await their forever families. Recently, Yvette has worked with shelter cat, Pippi.

Pippi is a beautiful 6-year-old long-haired tortoiseshell who warms Yvette’s heart as she, “flops down and demands more love… she constantly rubs against my arm wanting me to pet her even more.” Pippi was considered one of the shelter’s “long-termers” since she had been in our care since August 2021. Fortunately, Pippi was adopted at the end of January. No doubt Pippi’s new owners are witnessing firsthand this feline’s friendly and endearing nature. Congratulations, Pippi!

Yvette describes volunteering with the cats as “incredibly relaxing and enjoyable.” She further explains, “Socializing with them and giving them the affection that they deserve is definitely rewarding.” At home, Yvette and her husband, Bruce, lavish attention on their senior gray tabby named Twiggy. Don’t let Twiggy’s age fool you, because she still has the spryness of a kitten. While atop her favorite blanket, Twiggy begins each day with a theatric stretch straight-up, resembling a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed squirrel. Even though Yvette was the one to adopt Twiggy, the cat has chosen Bruce as her favorite person

Yvette is also an artist. Needlework is a favorite past-time as she works on her cross stitch, embroidery, ribbon embroidery, and needlepoint. Being the President of the Aiken Stitchin’ Belles, Yvette loves participating in the group’s regular stitch-ins, organizing shop tours, and supporting local charities. Aiken Stitchin’ Belles was founded in 2001 as a chapter of the Embroideries Guild of America (EGA). Any needleworker is invited to join the group!

Yvette wants others to know “the staff and volunteers at the Center are friendly, inviting, and dedicated to the care of animals.” In addition to volunteering with the shelter animals, volunteers can attend animal welfare seminars and help with fun shelter projects. Yvette recalls gathering with volunteers to decorate the shelter for Christmas as well as learning about local snakes during a presentation hosted by fellow volunteer, Susan Birt, last Fall.

Here at the SPCA Albrecht Center, there’s so many ways to give back to the animals in need while learning more about animal welfare. We are incredibly fortunate to have volunteers like Yvette McCord who give such heartfelt service to the homeless animals and the community in Aiken.

Miranda Ewing joined the team at the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare in February 2020. She has committed her life to volunteering and fostering homeless animals and believes the strength of a community shines when we can lean on each other. A 2012-2013 AmeriCorps alumni and Rescue Volunteer for Team Stinkykiss (a local CSRA animal rescue), she is an advocate for all animals and all people! Her family includes her husband, who knows all critters may find a temporary home with him (even if he’s allergic to some).

The SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare is a private, nonprofit, no kill animal shelter in Aiken, SC. The SPCA also operates a local Thrift Store (“Where Shopping Saves Lives”), a public, affordable Veterinary Care Center & a Dog Park. It is our mission to improve the lives of companion animals by rehoming abused, abandoned, and neglected pets while fighting for their well-being through vigorous legislative efforts, humane education, and by offering affordable veterinary care for all.