By: Kami Vogel, Volunteer & Foster Services Manager

In a heartwarming initiative aimed at providing shelter dogs with a much-needed break from their kennels, the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare has created a program called Albrecht Adventure Days. This unique program allows individuals to take a shelter dog out for a day of exploration, providing them with valuable experiences and exposure to potential adopters.

Recently, I had the privilege of joining the adventure and spending a delightful evening with Mimzy, a lovable little dog with eyes full of hope. We decided to take a trip downtown during the Aiken Farmers Market, where Mimzy eagerly sniffed her way through all of the new scents. Those walking by couldn’t resist her charm, and Mimzy reveled in the attention and affection showered upon her.

Following our explorations at the farmers market, we decided to refuel at a local restaurant, The Pizza Joint. Mimzy, exhausted from the excitement, took the opportunity to rest under the table, enjoying a well-deserved nap while we ate our meal.

The Albrecht Adventure Days program recognizes the importance of providing shelter dogs with exposure to the outside world. These adventures not only enrich the dogs’ lives but also increase their chances of finding forever homes. The outings allow potential adopters to see the dogs in a more relaxed and natural environment, showcasing their true personalities. By taking the dogs out for an adventure day, participants become advocates for the animals, sharing their experiences with friends, family, and social media followers, thus expanding the reach of the program’s mission.

The Albrecht Center is continuously seeking new participants to join their cause and take shelter dogs on memorable outings. If you are interested in making a difference in a dog’s life and creating cherished memories along the way, consider coming by the shelter to take a dog out on an adventure of your own. The organization provides all the necessary supplies, ensuring that both you and the dog have an enjoyable and worry-free experience.

Together, let us work towards giving more shelter dogs the opportunity to explore the world, one adventure at a time. Contact Albrecht Adventure Days at [email protected] or (803) 648-6863 to embark on a journey of compassion and companionship. A single day of adventure can make a world of difference in the life of a shelter dog.


Kami Vogel is a dedicated kitten foster and animal advocate. In 2022, she put her passion to work and became the Manager of Volunteer & Foster Services at the SPCA Albrecht Center. Kami’s home, filled with her four young children and a loving dog named Callahan, has become a sanctuary for animals. With her own five cats and a constant stream of foster animals, she ensures they receive the care they need while waiting for forever homes.

Kami coordinates foster care and mobilizes volunteers, striving to empower individuals to make a positive impact in animals’ lives. She hopes to inspire others to join her in creating a world where all animals are treated with love and care.